i am increasingly annoyed

i am increasingly annoyed by those car drivers entering big roundabouts ignoring that i am leaning dangerously and approaching very fast:) Are they all from another country(like me)? or i am increasingly fast nowadays:P i thought high way code says we have to give way to approaching vehicles on roundabouts. is that in france or some other countries, the vehicles on roundabouts have to give way to those vehicles about entering roundabouts.

Factor in the fact that due to the speed you are going, they don’t see you on the roundabout. Best thing is slow in fast out. Makes sense as you can then prepare better for numpties pulling out on you.

Law here is that vehicles entering the roundabout have to give way to those already on the roundabout.

Not always. My local roundabout (The Old Pond in Cheshunt) requires you to give way to traffic coming onto the roundabout:w00t:

slow in fast out, i will remember that. I am now sure if I was taught that by my instructor.

ChunkyMonkey (18/06/2008)

I worked in Njemegen in Holland for a while and they had 1 roundabout there that was like that. No signals, beauty was that they saw the Brit plates on the car and avoided me like the plague. Or was it my naff driving??? :smiley: LOLSlow in, Fast out and you will still get the w4nkers cut you up. Just bad driving and something to watch out for.

my last off i was taken out on the world of leather roundabout (A205) by a numpty claiming he couldnt see me.The fools pull out, dont indicate, cut across each other.

Ride defensively. Expect the unexpected. (Just saw that on the side of a bus)

I see an increasing number of people ignoring the priority on roundabouts, whether I’m on bike or in car. People on company insurance are the worst offenders ("not my van is it? - though it is still their legs). Hopefully recent corporate manslauther liability laws should put a stop to that. They sem to think that once they’re out and on the roundabout, that’s it, they’re in front and you have to stop.

The law here on roundabouts is “Give way to traffic approaching from the right”.

Don’t matter if it’s on the rundabout or approaching the roundabout, the guy on your right has priority.

Then ride defensively as some car make drivers don’t friggin care.

On the subject of roundabouts does anyone know what the law says about those mini r/bs that almost everyone either drives over or goes to the right of ?.
Although common sense says they are a roundabout, treat them like one ,they are apparently too awkward for some car drivers to negotiate and lorries have no chance.

The other thing that pi$$es me off with roundabouts are the dorks who straight line them mainly the big 2 lane ones, even when your alongside and turning the prats !! little world of their own some of them :angry:

Bloody hell, that’s very close to where I live (I’m in Waltham Cross), and a bloody strange arrangement it is too.

I’ve sometimes been caught out in my car by checking mirror + blind spot and pulling over to overtake on a motorway and suddenly VROOOOOM a motorcycle appears from nowhere right up my arse. I guess the difference between 150mph and 70mph is enough to do that.:crazy: I would take it slower on roundabouts until you can see the way out is clear and then cane it!!