I am Fast it's official ..

Got a postal delivery from the police of a congratulatory letter informing me that my XS can get from 0-38 mph from the lights to the speed camera outside the Natural history museum .((I am well chuffed I reckon she be better now I put a new clutch in today )) Anyways As a prize I have won 3 points and a fine …or I can go on the the Speed awarness course .Obvious choice really … I am going for the day of rollercoasters,drugs , fast bikes ,jet planes and cars and at the end I well be aware of speed :D:D

Congratulations !!!

A Well deserved prize :Wow:

What a num num :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: You might find the speed awareness course interesting - we both did;)

I hope there is a a buffet with drinks :w00t:

well done numty num lol :smiley: I’ve never been to a speed awareness course when I did that as I was obviously faster than you (42mph) and I was awarded 3 points for a £60 fee straightaway :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I did a speed awareness course,free coffee and biscuits and lots of interesting stuff as to why 38mph is a no no in a 30 zone:rolleyes:

nothing to see here,move on!!!

If and when I get to go on an ‘Oh sorry officer’ course, I hope there is a buffet too. We could all start across the room and do a ‘le mans’ start to the vol au vonts

Volvo vaunts are the prize of a buffet . I have seen me go good bad and ugly to snaffle volvo vaunts … like pretending I was getting some for my girlfriend … but she can get her ferkin own .

Will this be interesting like a white water rafting in a bath interesting or asbestos awareness course interesting ?

Quite interesting as in results of an STD test.:smiley:

Snap :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather watch a musical.

STD results interesting?? … I do not like the sound of that interesting that sounds like the sort of interesting that makes my stools firm up .

just try to stay awake

i went on one at milton keynes. it`s just a revenue making scheme. but you knew that anyway…right?

I fear amounts like 97.02 pence give the game away . Only some form of anal dialetic pseudo creamed crack retentive special agent bean counter govermental extraordinaire could come up with that amount .

Well it’s hardly like they need to make it 96.99 to make it look cheaper, you’re paying it whatever it costs :smiley:

Anyone want to buy a pair of remus cans ??, bit tatty but not dented or anything … Do not remember what I took it off …£ 97.02

Just don`t speed you lot.

We don`t.

Both of ours were in Mrs J`s car which has a highly innaccurate speedometer. :wink: A large dog in the boot obscures the flash.:Whistling:

Riding above the limit on a motorcycle is clearly a no no for anyone with a desire to keep their licence.:angry:

We are constantly appalled at the standard of motorcycle riding that we witness every weekend.:blush:

Speeding wins you no friends and can make you look like a tosser.

We propose a ride to the limit rideout sometime soon.