Hypothetically....would it b OK...

…if i was to to get online insurance to start the day I arrive at Dover, pre book an MOT in London for the day I arrive back in the UK and then ride the bike to London, obviously without MOT or road tax?

Do i infact need to get new insurance if I have the Green Card? She is British registered, does this make a difference?

As far as I understand, not having road tax would invalidate your insurance.

I believe riding without road tax is illegal.

B**locks! Obviously not such a cunning plan then - back to the drawing board…adz, you out there??

hire a van and drive it back.

No tax doesn’t invalidate your insurance. Not having an MOT might, but in practice won’t make a difference to the insurance company. You are also entitled to use your bike to get to a pre-arranged MOT without a valid MOT or tax. However the pre-arranged MOT thing is a defence to the absolute offence of no MOT. The defence won’t work if you ride from Dover to the pre-arranged MOT in London 70 miles away.

I assume your green card is issued by an Italian insurance company? Are you coming back here to become resident? How long have you been in Italy?

Things are slightly complicated. A person driving a uk vehicle on a uk road needs to have valid third party insurance. This insurance needs to be issued by a uk based insurance company. There are various rules about having foreign registered vehicles abroad, and broadly speaking throughout the EU you can use a vehicle from another EU country as a visitor for up to 6 months providing that the vehicle is road legal in it’s country of origin.

If you’ve been riding around Italy on a bike without a valid tax disc and no mot - you’ve probably been breaking the law in Italy. Quite how the Italians would view it, I don’t know…

If I were you - I would obtain insurance to start from your return to Dover - If possible get someone to post it to you. I would then book an MOT in Dover, get it tested on your return to the country and then tax it straight away. It would be plain bad luck to get caught on the way back to London, but it happens all the time.

Gotcha - MOT in Dover it is then. As for the stuff about riding in Italy, I would never mess about with insurance (think its bang out of order) and so have already confirmed my situation with my broker, who has assured me that as long as I dont re-enter the UK like this, my insurance is fully valid :smiley:

Kent Motorcycles is not far from Dover on the A2 - you could probably book an MOT with them and chill in H’s cafe :smiley: