hypothetically speaking...........

So hypothetically speaking if you were riding progressively along a stretch of road and then noticed a police helicopter hovering what would be the procedure if they were clocking your speed.

would they call a squad car to pull you over and do you or can they judge your speed and then just do you from afar posting the hypothetical penalty notice to your home address.

i have heard about people being done by the eye in the sky but not really sure about how that would happen.

any ideas???

it’s late(ish) so please excuse my rambling.


to save me trying to explain it in my own words…

VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder) is a technology for determining the speed of a moving vehicle.A VASCAR unit couples a stopwatch with a simple computer. Speed calculation is done by dividing the distance between two markers (such as a white circle or square painted on the carriageway) by the time the target vehicle takes to travel between the markers.How Vascar worksAs the shadow/marking strikes the vehicle, the officer starts the time.As the police vehicle reaches the point where the time was started, the officer starts the distance measurement.When the vehicle reaches the second marker, the time is stopped.When the police vehicle reaches the second marker, the distance measurement is stopped and the target vehicle’s average speed is calculated and displayed

if the hypothetical road you were travelling on at said time had white squares or circles possibly even diamond shaped and you observed a hovering helicopter above said road…you could potentially be looking at a summons through the post.If you was a really naughty person and seriously excessive speed then i’d imagine traffic/patrol cars setting up a road block be it rolling or stationary.that and rules and regs on detaining bikers who fail to stop you’d prob get a knock at the door if it was excessive speeding.

toss a coin your guess is as good as mine :laugh:

Puppy once told us that hypothetically the camerman sits on the right hand side of the helicopter so look out for them over your left shoulder. Not sure how accurate this is or how he knew:Whistling:

The only time we were hypothetically suspicious of one trailing us we diverted the ride into some heavily wooded areas to take advantage of a bit of shade on a hot day.

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like GP said, but they use gps mapping software these days…

hypothetically speaking (expletive deleted)

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cheers for the info.

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Yes I remember this too. So if it’s sitting on your right shoulder you can go really fast. If it crosses over to your left shoulder then slow down. Simple as.