Hypothetically speaking - bike to keep ncd

So, let’s say I wanted to buy something to keep my no claims discount (8 years)… Parameters are:

Must be cheapish - I think anything more than a couple of grand would be out
Must be rust resistant (i.e. not Chinese rust bucket - other Chinese bikes considered)
Cc not that relevant
Can be used on road - off-road not an option as would have to buy gear…
Must not be ancient, have no interest in buying a 6year old 125
Must be maintenance light

Do I go down the scooter option, to have something to get to town, or is there something else I’m not considering?

Or, do I buy a non runner and just store? Or buy nothing and bite the bullet on ncd

The chances of me finding time to ride are low to none…

An ~£800 scooter would fit the bill.

Be careful: after you come out of your ‘bike retirement’ you should still be able to sell it for ~£500. So a ~£300 cost there, but add to that the cost of insuring it, £15 VED, annual MoT and some consumables, and a few quid on petrol.

It will still add up to more pounds than you think - probably more than the loss of your NCB.

However, even if you think you haven’t got the time for proper biking, a cheap scooter (with a top box) is a very useful thing for running quick errands.

You could buy one of those bikes the scooter man riders have and just keep it in the house. That way rust and theft aren’t a problem and you can take it for an MOT in the boot of the car. I wouldn’t consider a non runner because you’ll need an MOT to insure it. A Honda Zoomer or MSX will also fit in the house (or flat.)

There must be a tipping point where it’s cheaper to lose your no claims but I’d rather keep it as it takes so long to build one up.

Yeah I’m trying to weigh it all up and justify the cost as with a new baby, can’t really splurge. Although we have agreed I’m getting a new bike when things settle down and nursery etc kicks in.
I’m not that fussed about spending a bit every year for not, petrol etc, I just need something where it’s cheap to do this… But it’s a good point to factor it all in

Theft not an issue where I live luckily…

Don’t know the zoomer but isn’t the msx quite a bit of money given how new it is?

Was thinking of maybe a CG125 as those seem to last forever

And must be depreciation-proof.

Also check with your insurer, it might differ from provider to provider but I think you have up to two years before not having a policy causes your NCB to be affected.

Get your NCB in writing, get this two year grace period in writing too, and you might only need to do your plan for a lot less time than you’re thinking. I presume junior will be going to nursery around age 3. That might change the calcs.

Nah nursery starts at 10months! Though full time will be at 12months

Got my NCB in writing and yeah know its 2years but I’ve heard some insurers only allow one, hence me thinking about it now

You can insure one of my project bikes to keep your NCB if that’s all you’re actually looking to do.

Hehe thanks me_groovy, will keep it in mind

For now I’m leaning towards route of cheap bike that I can use to run around. Now to find something that isn’t falling apart

Why not something like a solid Bandit, they’re fairly cheap to pick up these days, great as a run around

Yeah, bandit or old CB 500 could work well. Problem is they tend to be very old and will often need a few things changed asap.

Gonna start looking next week, had a quick look on eBay but nothing much that I could see close to me.

Have a look at the fuel inject cbf600. Should be able to pick one up for a good price.

May be worth checking with your insurer about coming back after say 2 years after insuring a small bike and then want to insure a large capacity one. A while back now a couple of insurers were iffy about insuring a 1000cc after a two year break despite always having ridden litre bikes.