Hyosung Bikes

What you think about these bikes?


Bike Magazine put the Hyosung Comet against the Suzuki SV650 a couple of months ago and the general consensus was to spend the extra few quid on the Suzuki as it will have far better residual value, quite apart from being a better bike from the start.

Read Smokey’s blogs for all you need to know about Chinese bikes (I bet they’re Korean or something, saying that).

I just seen Hyosung GT650R and the bike looks good.

I’m not so sure what to think about this Korean brand.

I don’t like overpaying for anything but you just get what you paid for.
I’d never trust anything like that over 100mph.
Also it’s not just about the looks. It’s the built and material quality that the biggest problem is. How would you like to have your 2yo bike rusted everywhere because they save money on the steel quality etc.? Also try to get the parts in case anything brakes down (or should I say WHEN it breaks down )- Mission impossible.
So I second that - save some more money and buy a proper bike.

I wouldn`t touch any chinkycrap bikes, as they are not reliable and very hard to get any spares.

God, this brings back memories…

Only then folks were saying the exact same things about all the “Jap crap” flooding the country & how they’ll never be any threat to the established & well built real bikes like the Brits were making !

And how old are you Pat…

45 of your earth years, though in Pat years that works out as 17 - I can provide witnesses’s to back this up !

My dad used to say jap crap untill he bought his first jab bike, a Honda superdream 250

I will keep me Bandit longer then, I’m still in doubt what that Korean brand is alike…

probably a little inappropriate !

I would consider it offensive.

Both ‘chinky’ and ‘jap’ are considered offensive: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offensive_terms_per_nationality

Perhaps a little more sensitivity? Not going to get into a huge debate, but reading ‘chinky’ and being from Hong Kong is kinda offensive.

music was kind of old school skate / bmx video . like the green touch moving the mini turtles very good . bikes looked ok

it looks pretty smart, but the models with 0 miles on the clock had paint falling off at the bike show. I had a hyosung for a year, it was kept indoors but by the time it was 2 years old it was practically a write off. All the paint came off, everything rusted, metal parts would just fall off they were so soft. Getting spares was impossible and expensive too! i’d give them a few years yet

hiya first time on here!!! Would like to add a few things about hyosungs as i have a gt125r and my dad has the gt650r and i have to say they r brilliant ohh and by the way they are koreian not chinise. and if anyone has one and needs parts give me a shout even though u dont need them but i have plently of links where u can get aftermarket parts ie rear huggers tail tidys etc and original parts and these bikes are so fun to ride as well as pretty to look at. and just so u guys know i went from having a jap bike which was a yamaha ybr 125 which was crap and i would reccomend hyosung to anyone after a good bike and also the 650 is very stable and easy to ride at over 100mph i should know had my dads at 120 with me on back and it was fine.!!!

120mph impressive