Hyosung B GT125r - reviews please

anyone recommend or has any feedback relating to this bike. My friend has asked me to take a look at one with him but I dont know anything about them.

‘Hyos’ are great lil bikes! I had a gv125c cruiser which just kept on going! I got into them thanks to a friend (jackyboy) who had a GT125R which he loved. Real big bike feel, as fast as most of the top 125s and decently priced. Not your average cheap build chinese made on a budget 125 replica, but a korean bike with a lil bit of its own history. The bigger bikes use the sv650 technology (Hyo used to make suzukis) and the lil bikes are basically smaller versions. Check em out on you tube, loads a people over sea’s use em.

Followed one of these recently. Seem quite nippy :wink:

PM Rana (in4thethrills) She had one so should be able to tell you all you need to know.

I say had because she parked it in the side of somebodies car:P