Hyde Park tonight...

Feeder are playing, beer, good weather and it’s free!! Except the beer. That would be dangerous! Oh and I think Ocean Colour Scene are on earlier not sure if I’ll make that though.

Anywayyyy, I’m going with a few of the boys. So if someone fancies coming along let me know!


I’m having dinner with my cousin in Waterloo at 7, what time is it kicking off/ending?

Feeder are on at 2140 to finish it off. So you’ve got plenty of time to get there!!

Last time I saw Feeder in the roundhouse in Camden there was a mosh pit the lot haha. They are great live!

Would love to join…was there last Saturday and it’s a great vibe, but i’m going to the Olympic Park tonight.

I think you can buy “mega” beers or something for £6…think it’s 1.5 pints! :slight_smile:

Have fun!