Hyde Park Q-Park

Hello guys,

Just wondering what the parking situation is like if I want to start parking regularly near Edgware Road? I’m aware a year permit costs £100 but if I can park in the Q-Park for free then it’s money saved for something else (like bike maintenance haha…)

I know the Chinatown Q-Park has one or two places that the bike can be chained to - and I heard that there were thefts from that car park (!!) so how is the Hyde Park one? Haven’t parked there for about 5 years ago when it was under previous management. Do they still have bike bays?

On a similar note, how is Queensway Q-Park? I see you can’t roll right in like before Q-Park :frowning: … is there still bays for bikes as there’s now a big gate which never opens for bikes…

Yes there are bays, on the very bottom level, but it’s extremely crowded as we recently lost the top level parking; I believe this may be reinstated at a later date after they complete the refurbishment.

The doors do open, you just need to position the bike right over the correct point - the square just about visible to the left of the centre line. Don’t get it wrong, as the approach lane is very steep…don’t ask me how I know this!