…go to two handsome devils: Matt (aka MiniMo) and Andrew!

The first one picked me up yesterday morning on his lovely Monster and rode me to Ruislip to test ride another lovely Monster. He then accompanied me along my test ride and very patiently rode with me back to London, him on his Mini Mo and me on my Duchess. As I don’t have a lock & chain yet, he offered me his spare one until I get my Almax in. He also offered to source me a fly screen and the thing for the back, as Daytona didn’t have them in stock. All this when he has other things to think and worry about. Many thanks, Matt, I appreciate it!

Andrew is another star! Once he realised that yesterday was the D-Day, he offered me his services as an IAM observer, and took me round the lovely roads in his part of the world, Bucks (I think). We finished off in a Tesco car park with some clutch control and breaking lessons, which I had to put to good use on my way home at Hangar Lane underpass (somebody decided far too late they needed to turn off). He also wiped away the scuff marks off my bike when I, surprisingly, dismounted at a roundabout. Many thanks, Andrew, for spending a large chunk of your last day before you’re off to Germany with me, trying to make me a better and safer rider.

Big to both!

How lucky you are eh? Glad you enjoyed your bike and the training

No worries doll, it beats packing!

If I haven’t remembered it then I’ll have to do without.

Anyone fancy a rideout to Dover at 6 tomorrow? Get the Bank Hol off to an early start?


Weaklings the lot of ya, I tell you.

Pleasure young lady.

Oh, and just in case you forgot in all the excitement, they chucked in the fly screen as part of the deal

Would otherwise do it, but then I’d have to make my own way home. And I’d be slowing you down anyway!

Ride safe, sweetie! And enjoy your holiday!

More huge thanks, this time to Guy who, in his orange vest, led me into the deepest Herts for another ride, this time a much more high-speed than before. I believe I touched 70mph on the A41 (and managed to keep my eyes open at the same time!). He also showed me how to get a KD at a roundabout. I’ll leave that till later, if it’s the same by you, Pups! I’ve definitely improved my clutch control now, after all those roundabouts! My head’s still spinning…

Another thanks goes to Vinnie, who offered his ride-out services, as well as those of his Ducati service guy just south of the river from me. I’ll no doubt be calling both of you!

You guys are amazing!

Did you get on any better with the revised position of the gear lever?

spent most of the run watchin your derrier.

Does my bum look big on my bike?

It does seem to make a difference, although was still having some probs on my way home, but nothing like earlier.

Is that your small hands playing up again?

Paivi looks like she’s flying when she’s riding doesn’t she… or is it just me

Nice one Paivi. I’m really glad you like the bike, it looked stunning when we saw it on Saturday! All the best in keeping it scratch-free! Nice one to Andrew and MiniMo as well!

Yeah … nice one Paivi!!

Looking GREAT on that Ducati there Paivi… Really suits you madam!

Come on, let’s have some pictures Paivi. The gallery thread shouldn’t be used for discussion, it’ll get too bloated otherwise! Loved the bike, some nice revisions over the previous Monster.

As requested: First pic is of the two sisters: Matt’s MiniMo 620 with Her Grace. I know which one I’d rather ride home…



Looks fab, I love the red trellis frame and black wheels!

So does Matt; I keep checking up on my bike every morning to make sure he hasn’t swapped them overnight!

Congratulations, nice to see you yesterday on your new duchesse. She looks fab.

All you need now is to get used at her and a bit more confidence…


…ride, ride, ride…

When the shoulder’s fixed I’m nicking your wheels