Hurrah for Saturday Roll Call

Nope, not that.

Then what?

You have to guess correctly to win the prize

Oh come on dude, give me a clue.  I only have an IQ of 5.  That’s what is meant by the stripes on the end of my belt, I think.

The clue is ‘ginger nuts’.

Question- are you registered as a lethal weapon?

The only thing that springs to mind when you mentioned “ginger nuts” is the old 1970’s advert for McVities Ginger Nut biscuits.

Answer - Lethal Weapon is one of my all time favourite films, and the lead character is coincidentally also named Martin. I’m pleased to say that I’m certainly not “registered as a lethal weapon”. Having caught a couple of burglars, and the first time, being recognised by the first cop on scene as “the local taekwondo club instructor” and also only using appropriate force and a police recognised restraint, that went pleasantly in my favour.