Hunting for a pic

looking for a black and white pic of a long twisty road going down a mountain if any’s got 1???

google it you tart

Here ya go!:smiley:



ach mein gott, brummieland in B&W

i would google it and have found a few but i need in it a really high resolution as i want it blown up and put on to canvas therefor need sum 1 thats got 1 on a memory card :wink:

Sorry mate only got one going up a mountain :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m afraid I don’t have exactly what you’re after but it a good call to ask. I have 1000’s of images ranging from:
snowboarders jumping off cliffs
canadian stuff (snow scenes, firemen, trucks, road signs, icicles, mountain scenes etc)
motor racing
break dancing
action sports (surfing BMX etc)
bikini girls
tree surgery
London street scenes
mountain bikes taking huge drops
studio car shots
monster car rallying
…the list goes on!! All are either on slide, RAW or large jpeg and are waiting to be sorted and go into picture libraries which is taking me an age to do! in the mean time I would be happy to supply a high resolution images if I have what anyone out there needs.

Also if anyone needs retouching work done, let me know.

Check out istockphoto - they’re pretty cheap and you can download pics at 3000px resolution, so no worries about printing.

How about thisd one? I can make it black and white for you.



I’m off out for lunch but I have plenty of pics, so pm me if you want more :slight_smile:

Have you got a picture of a weasle on a scooter?:cool:

Can do a ferret in Sainsburys

Actually this is closer; hamster on a vespa. I think the scoot is full sized and the hammy just a regular rodent.

brilliant! :smiley:


Will this one do?

that must fit the bill
great shot!

Well it’s a b&w shot of a long, twisty road, going down a mountain, just like the man asked! :smiley: Couldn’t think of a better pic to give.

Do you know wher that road is Fran?