Hump day roll call

My chain needs a clean too, must do that this weekend.

@skumlordvince - i’m off to OMC at the weekend for a good old bike service too!

I’ll be there tonight, with new rubber fitted. Please Satan, don’t let it rain.

Congratulations Jorge, I’ll see you at BM

I’ll head to BM for a bit tonight.

Good afternoon all. Must get ready for work now.

Well, that didn’t go to plan.
Got caught up in a snarl after there was a huge accident on the M40 just after the 404 which closed it both ways- there were helicopters, loads of emergency services- it was like being in a siege.
Left the house at 3:30pm, just got in now- no way I would have made the BM meet.

Thank you Arfa and Cactus for teaching me how to get home, the plan worked perfectly, haven’t done that journey for yonks! :slight_smile:

Good to see everyone tonight and put faces to names.

Your a card. When does work start Martin?
I was up at 7.00am for a liasion with a pair of lesbians.
Who needed there back door made more secure.
I was happy to oblige.

If I were a gambling man I’d wager they were proper chuffed with the results too