Human kindness is not totally dead

So i was riding home last night from Goodwood race course after working there for the evening. Had to make a u turn because I was going the wrong way and my main headlight just went out i know this because everything just went black i could not see 2 feet in front of me. Now I’m really not liking being in the dark alone so by the light of my phone I try and see whats wrong not got a clue its weird the high and low beam don’t work but the passing light does. So I phone the AA no good because I have no idea where i am nor to they, so off i go looking for a street sign as my phone as a torch. I stumble across a place called the stables this is midnight so they are close to shutting, so i phone the AA they say there me there by 1. So I’m waiting out side and one of the staff from the place invites me in and gives me a cup of tea so were waiting and chatting and one comes no AA van so i ring again and it wont be there till 2. I’m feeling quite bad now keeping these two young ladys who work here from going home. So i say i don’t mind waiting out side if you want to leave but they would not here none of it and kept the place open and waited with me till 2 there is some real human kindness there.

So what was wrong with the light? :smiley:

There are some good people around still, lots of them, only they don’t make the press.

no idea my dads going to have a look at it tomorrow before we go to the bike safe thing

So how did you get the bike home? on the back of the truck…or did they get the light working?

back of the truck the guy was like i can’t see the bike ill just drive you home.