Human Jumbotron

these people have way too much practice time !!

yes your right, way to much time lol, good tho

Very clever.

Them crazy kids, I don’t know.

Wow, that is really good. Not the sort of hobby you can do alone though :slight_smile:

The guy at 1min 14secs has some serious issues, hehe.

It does look cool, the amount of time that it must of taken to choreograph = :w00t:

North Korea innit?

Well you don’t see these kids chibbing each other for mobiles with screwdrivers…

this is the only jumbotron i’ll recognize!!!

he was the video technician at the DMC World Finals…my mate Jeppa was representing the UK…but it was all overshadowed by a man, with a pony tail, with jumbotron on his back.

On the way home EVERYTHING was Jumbotron! haha