Hugger # 2 Broke in Half - Plastic Weld advice wanted

So my second hugger has broken now on my 2003 CBR600F.

Right where the piece for the tyre meets the chain guard. Clean break.

Anyone know any good plastic welding places near either Streatham Hill, or Twickenham where I work??

Can’t believe those things are more than £70!!! And they are cheap a$$ plastic!!!

Thanks for any advice…

Ive never used any plastic weld products, but normally get a decent enough bond on plastics using silicone sealant, clean back area, allow to dry, stick bits together with super-glu, then spread the silicone like butter, across rear of break, you can even add a piece of perforated zinc into the silicone to stiffen up joint even more

if you wanna try it, dont buy any silicone, Ive got loads of it

Sounds like it’s worth a try!! Thanks for the advice.

I will clean the pieces this weekend… Chain wax and dirt… Mmmmmmm…

Then i will check back in with you and see how and when I can meet up with you. I appreciate your help!!

always just used a soldering iron myself, if you want to pre-glue the pieces together you can- normally however you can hold the 2 pieces togehter and melt the plastic enough to hold it together. go all the way along the join trying to melt the plastic back into the crack (if that makes sense?).