Hubby down but ok....

My husband came off his blade yesterday afternoon, he is ok and he has just broken his collar bone. I say just, he is in incredible pain but he is alive which is all I care about… The thing that really p1sses me off is it took over 15 cars to pass and finally one stopped to see if he was ok… How can people in cars see a bike down, the rider on his knees trying for all he is worth to flag down passing cars just ignore him… It amazes me and seriously annoys me… If I was in my car I wouldnt hesitate to stop. Well rant over back to my nurses duties.

Ouch - all the best

all the best, damage to the bike?

Really sorry to hear that Mel. Hope him and the bike are back on their feet / wheels again soon.

Glad it wasnt too serious…

hope he has a speedy recovery,lots of t l c needed

Best wishes to hubby.

They don’t do anything for broken collar bones now days do they. Whereas when I broke mine many many years ago they strapped up my shoulders and pulled em back with ties to keep em straight. I believe it healed a lot quicker that way, but I know how painful it is.

Hope he gets well soon.

oh dear! Sounds nasty! Heal quick :slight_smile:

So sorry to hear this, I hope he’ll be OK. Yesterday was really Friday, 13th.

Sorry to hear it Lady P… Give him all our best

I think his shoulder hurts to much for him to bend over and give himself one…

Sorry to hear it, hope he gets better soon. What happen and how’s the bike?

sorry to hear your news, wish him a speedy recovery…

Sorry to hear this…hope he gets well soon!

He was blinded momentarily by the sun and went straight into a curb, he stayed on the bike as long as possible but his shoulder hit a road sign, his bike is ok luckily he had R & G crash bobbins on and they saved the bike totally, he has a scuff on the top fairing near the exhaust pipes and a slight crack on the lower fairing near the gear selector but all can be repaired, we are not going through the insurance as that will only bump the price up next renewal. I just need to get him some new leathers as they had to cut his brand new one piece off… But it did his job, the ambulance men and the police said it would have been so much worse if he wasnt wearing the correct gear…

Ah thanks LadyP good job here had the right gear on! Glad the bike is ok and he’s not to bad off. Wish him well from me

Lady P …wish him a speedy recovery! I hope he’s not a typical guy with injuries and milking it!!!

Lady P …wish him a speedy recovery! I hope he’s not a typical guy with injuries and milking it!!!

Mmm. Glad he’s ok!

Sounds nasty…Wish him a full recovery.

So how is the road sign doing