in response to the tread, what was left of colett23’s(mike’s) ninja.

How it looked on saturday afternoon.

How it looked sunday evening

Can you make it a street fighter now or is it a write off?

flippin eck, thats knackered!

its def a write off, frame is bent on right side, forks bent, total waste, gutted for him.

Ouch, real shame to see something go from beautiful to scrap…hope your brother gets well soon. :slight_smile:

Gutted for Michael.

Looks a bit like one of Terry’s stunt bikes;)

I hope the arm sorts itself out quickly and the insurance company do the right thing and pay out sharpish.

+1. That was one beautiful bike. Really hope your brother replaces it soon with speedy insurance payout, and he makes speedy recovery himself.

bloody hell, it looks sooo bad :crying: poor lil’ninja.
i will definetly be getting another one, i’d just started learning clutch wheelies on the saturday so i fully intend to be on one wheel of a B1H next summer…ive got unfinished business :smooooth:

i’ll be back!

Unlucky for you and that lovely bike.

My mate has the exact same in green…He’s come off it about four times over the years, one of which where he hit a crash barrier on the A13, broke his arm, and another where he stoppied it and it went end over.

It’s incredible, but the bike still runs fine.

Heal up quick and good luck with the next Ninja…Maybe get a green one :hehe:

It hurts me to see that pic !

bum deal mate!!