HTC One x - Anyone tried it?

Also, and I hadnt realised this, for security you can lock the phone so that when you turn it on it will only do so on facial recognician!!! Awsome!

It’s a feature of ICS, but… if the face recognition fails, it then asks for a pin number instead. Also, it can be fooled by a photo. I think Samsung have patent ‘Blink to unlock’ which will use facial recognition, but only unlock when you blink, to stop people using photo’s.

To be fair, apart from my wife who I force to, no-one is going to carry my photo around.

It is a gimick. You don’t need a photo. Apparently almost anyone’s face will unlock your phone. Personally I use pattern unlock as it is very quick and easy to use.

BTW the ONE- X displayes LB perfectly in Landscape using the default browser and all functions I have tried work, with one exception. You can only post in CAPS!

I tried it on the wife and both kids this morning. Phone will not unlock with them.

I would disagree with this too actually. Facial recognition is pretty amazing these days, it doesn’t often confuse faces.

re. Facial rec. I wonder if a beard/tash would confuse it?

And on this topic I think google can almost do decent facial recognition on google images for example. I wouldnt be surprised if before long google googles will be able to recognise faces quite accurately :-/ You can hide no longer…

Surely they will help? More characteristics make it easier I would have thought.

Have you used Picasa? It already CAN recognise faces.

All my photo’s go through Picasa (as with one click an album is uploaded to Google+, it’s so simple) which will use facial recognition. It groups together faces it finds and you tell it who they are. It then says ‘Are all these person X?’ and 95-99% of the time it’s right.

It even picked me out on a photo where I had my helmet on! My ex’s nephew was tagged in a few pictures when he was 4 and 5 years old, it could then pick him out as a baby!!! This amazed me (and no, he wasn’t the only baby photo’s… and the baby could have been anyone, you would think…)

Trust me, facial recognition is already fully working. Google had to ‘turn it off’ for privacy reasons otherwise you could give a picture of a face to and it would find other photo’s with this person in.

Damn those privacy activists! :stuck_out_tongue:

just ordered this on my 02 contract

my birthday present to myself!

currently use a HTC desire S, amazing phones!

Does anyone know which GPU this phone uses?

A big reason for me ignoring HTC was their insistence on using Qualcomm chips, whereas Samsung use top drawer components. The original Galaxy S is still powerful enough to run some of the latest games including some of the Tegra stuff (if you use Chainfire 3D).

I’ll most likely be waiting to upgrade my Galaxy to an SIII but if (like some rumours suggest) it turns out to be just an incremental update much like the iPhone 4S, then I’ll just buy an SII cheap.

Says a ULP GeForce

Well I didn’t get a quad phone in April as I decided any advantage over my HTC Desire is cancelled out by the enormous size of those phones.

However, after becoming dissatisfied with my provider (Vodafone), I am now minded to switch to T-Mobile and get the new HTC One XL which should be coming out next month, and a 4G contract.

This all depends of course on whether Everything Everywhere decide to charge silly money for the 4G contracts/phones…

Well I thought I would never hear myself say this after the disaster that was the N97, but I’m feeling oddly drawn towards the Nokia Lumia 920. Wireless charging :hehe: a pretty cool feature that gives it the edge over most of the competition, it seems, and Carl Zeiss optics.

If it gets good reviews and actually works, I may well be putting in an order.

Roll on 4G :cool:

If you trust Nokia -

Made me chuckle somewhat.

I have heard a fair few people say they’re interested in the 920. I don’t see it myself… :ermm:

Yeah I saw that, made me laugh, and it did put me off somewhat. Will keep an open mind though and see what the reviewers/early adopters make of it.

been using my one x for a few months now, loving it. dropped it lots and got it wet int he rain and it works fine. battery seems better than when i had a Desire and Desire S

graphics are excellent with the Tegra 3 GPU and quad core CPU

I have been very pleased with my One X other than a month ago when it because the first phone I have had (and I have had phones since the mid-90s) that suffered a hardware failure. The hardware button area at the bottom of the screen stopped working meaning nearly two weeks without a phone. No dropping or abuse of the phone so very poor reliability in my case at least.

Well after months of waiting I finally got my hands on a Nokia Lumia 920 last week and hated it - just seemed like a brick, very big, unwieldy and heavy. Also decided against the HTC due to the slower processor of the One XL.

So I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE on an EE contract which I’m very happy with so far, a great phone, and very pleased with the 4G and other stuff you get with it like Deezer (saves me my £10 per month Spotify premium), free films (one per week), two-for-one cinema tickets, and unlimited phone calls (all networks) and texts. Thought the size would be a problem but have got used to it now.

Thanks for your advice, all. I guess I will be posting another question like this in 2 or 3 years time!

Was almost tempted to stay with Vodafone - after I requested my PAC code they rang me begging to stay, with a really good deal albeit a 3g one, I asked them to put it in writing in an email so I could have a think about it but the email just said “Hi”! Changing over was a bit of a no-brainer after that.