HTC One x - Anyone tried it?

Been keeping an eye on the mobile phone market for a while now for a replacement for my ageing HTC Desire, decided some time back to go for a quad core phone and expected to be getting a Samsung Galaxy S3, however that has been delayed so it seems the first relevant phone to be released in the UK is the HTC One x.

Seems to have very good reviews, and there seem to be some good deals out there, such as free with a £30 pm 24 month contract with Carphone Warehouse/3 (albeit I would prefer Vodafone).

Anyone tried one yet? Keen to hear what you think of it.

I’ve only played with one briefly, a guy at work has just upgraded from a Desire. Screen is fantastic 720p. Quick as anything. Its vanilla out of the box and works great, no lag no nothing. Only concern is the camera that sticks out a bit. Glass might get damaged? Looks like HTC have cleaned up and simplified their custom skinning too but I’m not too familiar with it. Best package HTC have released to date.

SGS3 will need to have an amazing screen to beat it. I’m still holding out for it though…

Almost definitely the SGSIII will beat it, screen and all. :wink: Depends on if you can bear to wait another month or so I guess.

The thing is, phones are quite a personal choice. After the devices HTC have put out over the past 12 months I’ve rather gone off them. I guess I’m not the only one, which is why their profits are down. I have heard the One X is a return to form for them, but I’ve not had chance to have a play with one yet. My blogging buddy is reviewing one now though, so keep an eye on our site for his review soon.

I’ve been very impressed with the Sony Xperia S and I’m concidering moving over to it, mainly based on the camera and amazing Bravia screen.

The good news is, likely whatever you choose from the new top end devices, you can’t go far wrong. As I say, which ever suits you best is key.

Out of interest, why are you specifically wanting Quad Core? Future proofing? I don’t think dual core will be left behind for many, many years.

Lou has just taken delivery of her One X and I played with it yesterday before she came home lol.

As an upgrade from my Desire HD yes it’s bigger (slightly) yet thinner and lighter. Beautiful screen and noticable faster calling up apps and firing up the camera. Go get your paws on one and check the size is ok.

I’m not sure about the battery life as there’s a lot of power under the hood and the battery doesn’t appear to be any different to my D-HD.

I’m upgrading July so eagerly awaiting the SGS3, and to see what LG come out with too. Sony looks beautiful but have read concerns over how strong its plastic body is?

Initially I was worried about the body too, but after almost a week, no concern now.

The only device I’ve noticeably damaged from a drop was my Desire HD :frowning: Took a huge chunk out of the corner. I think plastic just bounces :slight_smile:

i have dropped my desire hd many a time and only really scratched the metal it even fell out of my pocked wile i was doing about 15mph lucky anuf i had a case on and it survived =] the only thing that annoys me is the battery life

Thanks all for your responses/advice. I might hold out for the SIII but have become mightily bored with the Desire so will see, and possibly have a play with the HTC.

Because it will be a much bigger improvement on what I currently have, by my judgement enough to warrant getting locked into a 24-month £30+pm contract.

I don’t consider a Sensation or SII a big enough improvement to warrant such a commitment and extra cost.

The glass screen is Gorilla Glass (which is also used on the SII), and is very highly resistant to scratches, breaking, etc. A ‘party trick’ I’ve done to demonstrate this with friends is to take a sharp knife, and attempt to score/tap the screen - nothing happens. There are YouTube video’s of chisels being used on it with no effect.

In general, the One-X seems a pretty good phone. Definitely fast, and light - one of my gripes with the Desire HD was the weight of it! It was one reason I was so happy to move to the SII, which is feather light in comparison

No, I wouldn’t either, but the Xperia S is only Dual Core (1.5ghz). Once it gets ICS, I don’t think you’d be able to tell it was 2 cores less (or 2.1 less), next to a Quad core.

doesnt the One X have a fifth low-power core or something?

Yeah, thats why I said 2.1. The fifth goes no more than… maybe 300mhz, and runs background tasks when the others go to sleep.

I’ll be doing a video review soon, but I can tell you now, having used the One X for a few days I think I’ll be selling my Galaxy Nexus!

Very nice, very fast, amazing camera, good build quality, great styling. Samsung need to pull something pretty special out of the bag in 2 weeks time.

Great, thanks Andy, this is looking promising.

I will await your review with interest. Keen to see how it and the SIII measure up…

Here it is. I think maybe I waffle on a fair bit…

Having upgraded my Desire to the One X (and saved several quid a month in the process for more calls and data) my only gripes are the battery life, but I am use to that being shyte on smartphones and it is slippery. Got a gel case and screen protector on eBay for less than £2 including postage and have stopped dropping the phone three times a day.

^^ :smiley: thats what i thought about my SGalaxy. Slippery beast.

Traded in my Desire for a One X yesterday, as I was “working from home” I spent some time fiddling. Posted up a photo on FB which a mate asked for a copy of. He is one of SA’s best professional photographers and he was blown away by the quality. Having only had it 26 hours I have yet to use it all but all the tech guys in my office were round it like flies on a s*it. All of them are iPhone geeks and there were a lot of people being very positive about it with more than a few off to the store.

It’s fast, clear and easy to use. I like it thus far.

I’m glad to hear that it takes good pictures (a requirement for me) as I have an upgrade due in September and am considering the One X over my Desire S (which I love). Saying that I miss my Nokia N8 which had a fantastic camera and recorded in a true 30fps 720p. I hope the One X can fill this void.

The camera is very very good.

Straight fro the web site:

Camera with HTC ImageSense™8 megapixel camera with auto focus, smart LED flash, and BSI sensor (for better low-light captures)F2.0 aperture and 28mm lens1080p HD video recording1.3 megapixel front camera (720p for video chat)Dedicated imaging chipCapture a photo in the midst of recording HD videoContinuous shooting mode captures multiple snapshotsAuto flash smartly determined by distance from your subjectVideo stabilization feature removes annoying, shaky motionHigh quality slow motion video capture and playbackIt also has slo-mo cam and a range of filters to use before shots AND after shots if you want to.