HTC Desire

Shall I get it or not? going to a shop tonight bur never had an andriod phone seriously like this one though

Go for it.

I’ve had a very brief play with one last week. It seemed pretty much identical to my Nexus One, and that’s a lovely device.

Mate of mine has a HTC and loves it.

my mistress beats you all, she’s been on hrt for years!:D:w00t:

I have had one for nearly two weeks. The battery life is pants, as there is so many reasons to use it all the time, but it is a fantastic device. Unlike the iPhone it is actually a bloody good phone as well!

For the battery life issue, keep a charger at work (£7 from the local market) and carry a USB lead (£2.50 inc postage on ebay) for it with you and power ceases to be a problem.

yeah it’s currently favourite to replace my BB when the time comes

I tried one in the vodafone shop in harrods last week, it looks like a good phone, but i didnt get to have a good play with it.

Definitely recommend it. As has been said, pretty much the same as the N1 but with a prettier interface. If it could be properly rooted I might be inclined to admit it’s as good as the Nexus One. :wink:

As for battery life, as you suggest, it’s all about how much you use it. I’ve been off work this week and not using my phone much and it lasted 28 hours and still had 30% life left in it. Using it heavily you can burn 10% in an hour though…

I’ve got chargers all over the place (getting one installed on the Varadero now too) and I’ve also ordered 2 spare batteries for $20.

The only real thing the iPhone has over Android (not HTC btw, they are a company, they make WinMo devices too :frowning: ) are the apps, but then the Android Market is expanding so quick, that wont be the advantage for all that much longer. 9,300 apps added in March alone, and I hear it’s up to 50 thousand already.

Anyone after a sim free Desire, a guy in Hounslow on XDA was willing to take £300 from me today (for a friend who then couldn’t afford it). That’s a real good price for an amazing device!

EDIT For some cool apps, take a look at this thread -

Where did you order the batteries from? When you have had chance to use them, are they any good? I have had cheap batteries in the past for other phones and they have been useless - either not fitting or not holding anything like the advertised charge.

I got them off eBay after some guys on XDA Devs forum said they were pretty good. Most people are estimating they are perhaps 10% less than the official batter, but at $20 for 2 with a stand alone charger… I don’t see how I can go wrong. They would only be for ‘emergencies’.

I’ll try and remember to report back once I’ve tried them.

Thanks for letting me know how you get on.

A friend at work has one and I had a go yesterday and it’s very impressive - the first predictive text that actually works.

I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks, and it is indeed an ace piece of kit.does everything you’d want and more, and it’s not an iphone, which is a good thing.There’s plenty of apps available, and with apple getting ever more restrictive on app development for the iphone, and the lack of flash support for the aforementioned apple gadget, I imagine that the android apps market will soon rival the apple apps store.

Forget old fashioned keyboards, Swype is the future, I couldn’t be without it now -

My brother’s getting a Desire now too and last week I bought my Mum a HTC Tattoo. Just my dad left on iPhone…

I honestly know twice as many people on Android now, than iPhone I think.

FAO ADMINS is there any reason why this has been moved to the classified when it was a gadget question?

Very odd. I thought classified’s where for items for sale? Who’s selling anything?

Picked up a Desire myself yesterday, going to compare it to the Nexus One and sell the loser. :slight_smile:

For the record, I’ve compiled a guide to rooting your Desire -

Also, I will likely have a rooted, unlocked Desire for sale during the week, asking price of £330. Let me know if anyone’s interested.

Thanks to this link I browsed the apps thread and have just found GMote, which now installed allows me to use my HTC Magic Android phone as a remote control to play back all my music on my PC. I can browse through all the files using my phone and then kick of any album or track I want, how cool is that!!

All I need to do now is connect my PC up to my hifi and I have my own music server/hifi, brilliant! :smiley:

Can I pimp my new site :slight_smile:

I do some app reviews, there’s some news and a few useful guides too.

Also, can a mod move this thread back to the tech forum? Nothing is for sale or wanted…

Anyone planning to get a HTC Desire should be warned it has no TV-out and minimal built-in storage. They generally come with a 4Gb MicroSD card but if like me you want the same storage of the N97 (32Gb), it will set you back £90 for the card and you’ll probably have to wait to get it.

I’m due to get a Desire next week and was astonished it didn’t have TV-Out and a decent amount of storage. I had assumed it would have, but evidently assumed wrong.

What’s the satnav like on the Desire? I’m hoping it gives free turn by turn instructions and you can use it anywhere around the world, without needing a data connection (if not I might end up sticking with the N97 :w00t: )