ht coil

is the lead meant to be joint to the spark plug cover, or should it be able to be pulled from out of the cover? One of the leads comes out quite easily and seems quite corroded at the join. I don’t particularly won’t to try pulling on the other leads to test if this is normal in case i pull any out.


if ht/copper lead then yes they can be just pulled out, if corroded just cut end bit off and reattach, screw it on though, pointed connector bit on plug cap goes in the middle of the lead.

thanks, i’ll give this a go tomorrow, it was completely blue, can’t be good

if silicon leads then they dont just push in.

easy to tell, ht leads are copper coloured, lol

well this worked a treat, i cut off the corroded end, screwed back as best i could, and now getting much smoother power delivery, cheers!

Hey dude - is that the bandit?! good work!

hey, yes still on the old bandit. i know it’s hardly rocket science, but felt quite satisfying DIY!

always does, lol.

bit of wd40 on em in the winter.