HPI checks on autotrader

Did someone mention a loophole on autotrader to get hpi checks on vehicles for free? :smiley:

Could a good samaritan point me to the thread :slight_smile:

I can tell you how…

Make a new ad on auto trader. Put in reg. Press next.

When it goes to the confirm page if there is a C or D in the corner then its a write off.

Use mine as a test if you want. Cat C - OV56 OVO

That’s not a HPI check, as far as I know it’s not possible to get a free HPI check.

It’s not a full HP check. Autotrader do not allow CAT A or B cars/bikes/vans etc to be sold on there so it is just a basic check on whether it is a CAT A, B, C, or D write off, it won’t tell you if it has outstanding finance or any of the other checks a full HPI check will give

Sorted now… Thanks anyway, thought there was some catch to it

For future reference, I think Big D can do you an HPI check. Not free, but low cost to LB’ers :slight_smile:

also remember HPI checks dont show log book loans as I found out to my cost

Good point… This is for a 15year old car so not really a big risk - hence why I wanted to get it on the cheap :wink: