HPI Check - £8 each...


I have 5 HPI checks left at £6 each. I needed 2 HPI’s from separate sources so bought in bulk hence the 5 checks I have remaining.

Payment by paypal and I will send a PDF of the resulting checking.

This includes for outstanding finance/Write offs/change in colour/owner/mileage etc. Not the limited amount of info you get from cheaper text services.

The check will either be with HPI directly or Experian/Autocheck.


My text check does all of the things you mentioned above. Not only does it do that it told Ricco some previous mileages of the vehicles which matched the previous MOTs.

Cost? £3.00 + standard network charges.

Text the reg to 83600.

My Text Check doesn’t bring up any outstanding finance, which is arguably the most important thing when you’re paying out and don’t want your bike reposessed.

As above and It also doesn’t give you a hard copy which can be used to help sell a bike.

I don’t trust the cheaper services whatsoever, they skimp on content.

Dropped price to £6 each