HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One Printer - B209a

Hi all!

I’m selling my HP Photosmart Plus All-In-One B209a inkjet printer. Price would be around £40 (o.n.o.).

It’s an MFP (multifunction printer) - it also has a scanner and a copier and has wifi, meaning you don’t need to physically connect it to your computer or router (you could even keep it in a different room).

I’ve had it for a couple years now yet it’s still like brand new as over the time I’ve had it I’ve probably only printed 30 or so pages. As a result of my low usage the ink dries out quicker than I manage to use it. I ended up buying myself a laser printer so that I don’t have that problem and obviously don’t need the inkjet any more.

It’s a good printer and I wouldn’t be selling it if I used it more but alas. Here’s a review from a while back about it:

Unfortunately due to lack of any other transport apart from my bike I can’t deliver it to you and you will have to collect it yourself :confused: (E15)

Here are some pictures of it:

I’ve got a couple spare (empty) cartridges if you like to fill 'em up, which I’ll obviously include in the purchase if you decide to have them.

Where are you in London? I don’t have a car either - would need to know if it’s worth a zipcar or not. I’m in Streatham Hill…

Bungee cords it will fit on the back of a bike I know I have one

E15 he says so that’ll be Stratford :wink:

Yup, I PM’d Stuart my postcode. Didn’t want to post it here.

Best way, post it here and you may end up with a queue of totty at your door at least that’s what happened to me :blush:

Ended up getting a printer so I’m out, this is still available

Ok, seeing how no one wants to pay for it, does anyone want it for free? I could really do with some space in my flat. Would have to pick it up yourself.

I also have an almost brand new bread maker that I’m giving away for free for the exact same reason. Used it maybe 3-4 times and it’s just taking up space.

Would be rude to say no to the printer; ideal to keep kids away from mine.

I suppose there’s no private messaging on this forum any more to exchange personal details?

My [email protected]

I sent you an email a few days ago. Did you receive it? I haven’t had any replies from you.

Just checked and nothing in my inbox. You did use brains_t@…

I did. Let me send you another one. Check your spam if you haven’t got anything in your inbox. Maybe Hotmail thinks I’m a spammer :slight_smile:

Got it and replied, thanks

Cypher - the PM system isn’t back in yet, though it’s on the list of things that Jay is planning :slight_smile: