HP Laserjet 1010

Ideal if you need to run off lots of black and white fliers/labels etc.

I have a Laserjet 1010 looking for a good home. It is in full working order with no lumps, bumps or contusions. You will have to supply a USB lead and a standard “kettle” style power lead. Drivers available from the HP website for most versions of Windows - however NB - there is no Vista driver for this printer, hence reason for parting with it. I am not really bothered about money, but will deliever in South and West London (and posisibly further afield) for a £10, but happy to negotiate over that.

Did you eventually get rid of this?

It is currently sitting two feet away from me. Free to a good home.

I’ll take it! :smiley:

Gone! :slight_smile: