How's your licence looking?

One (expired) SP50 - caught at 99mph in car on empty motorway at midnight. (Great use of police resources)

5 points, £400 fine + £35 costs. :angry: Princess Anne done same week for 98 mph. 3 points and £200 fine.

One rule…


In 20+ yrs riding and 15 driving, I’ve only been caught once (in the car). No points but sat through a speed awareness course last year. Guess that’s not too bad :wink:

Don’t want to tempt fate but clean.

But what happened to BLagos on a motorway and Niteowl being followed by an unmarked plod wagon could happen to us all…some stretches I crack it open after a cursory look in the mirrors…

Could have an unmarked plod on my tail without seeing them.

Years ago it was said that a normal police patrol car couldn’t do you for speeding as they needed to be equipped with the proper speedos that are calibrated regularly (like a traffic car ). But in these days of cheap electronics does every plod wagon have the capability?

London seems to be teaming with unmarked Mondeos, Audis, BMWs etc etc that you only notice when their hidden blue lights are on …you could never spot those unless it’s too late.

And the additional antennas on the roof. Spotted an 04 Astra the other day. It was so obvious. Something didn’t look right about it.

33 Years riding / driving.
22 Speeding offences.and many other driving offences ranging from overloading (lorry) to vehicle defects, and a six month ban. :angry:
I’ve slowed down now and only have 6 points currently. :slight_smile: and looking forward to a clean licence. :slight_smile:

21 years of driving
One ticket for “talking on mobile phone” (not really mobile but long story), 6 month ban, one ticket from camera for red light…
Bike - clean


You have slowed down now… :crazy::unsure:

Ahahaha ha
You don’t like rules ey?

“London seems to be teaming with unmarked Mondeos, Audis, BMWs etc etc that you only notice when their hidden blue lights are on …you could never spot those unless it’s too late.”

Not just the usual either. I saw an unmarked Seat Leon recently. Unmarked Range rovers & even an unmarked dirty old white van down the Old kent road once!
Oooh, an one of our drivers got done for having no seat belt a few months ago…by an artic unit in central London! I has a rear facing camera. Spottlessly clean & 5th wheel never been used :wink:

Currently clean as a whistle (although the rear facing average camera’s on the M25 might have just caught me out) But i used to have 3 points and it was for not having a L-plate on a moped (LC20)

I had one on the front and the plastic one i had on the rear broke off, i left ir for about a month and when i got pulled rather than fessing up i said it had just happened, he looked at the amount of dirt on the cracked bit and said “your lying, if you had just told me the truth i would have slapped on the wrist”

So i learnt the hard way!!!

I got pulled in town one night, the guy claimed is was speeding but i was pretty sure i was not as it was ducking around the back streets. But he was only worried that i had been drinking, when i explained i had just finished work he let me on my way.

I have also slowed down alot the last couple of years. I have no interest in hooning around all over the place any more. I save the mental stuff for the track!

7 years on the road in total now.

I would answer the survey but I don’t want to tempt fate.

Okay so Trackday Junkie has jumped straight to the front with 22 speeding offences!

As for unmarked vehicles…
I was heading back to London up the M20, about 11pm, clear but dark motorway, I was speeding quite a bit, wanted to get home…
Was in Lane 1 and approached a slip ramp onto the motorway and slowed to allow a little VW Golf to enter the carriageway. Moved over into Lane 2 and was about to open it up again, when a little red van comes flying past me in Lane 3 doing 100mph (ish)…
Suddenly the Golf I was just about to pass lit up like a Christmas tree and zoomed off after the van, pulled it over.

Had the van not been there it would have been me getting tugged!

As clean as a 3 point whistle. Got caught 2 years ago, SP50 on motorway, dude in front of me undertaking without indicators doing the same speed and on the phone. Police need to open their eyes :smiley: Officer Dick was not very pleasant.

Had car licence since 1992, bike since 2003

  • 3 points/£60 in 2005 for SP30 in Brighton (Bike - CB1300)

  • Speed awarness Course in 2008 (i think) for 36 through a Gatso that always was a 40 limit (Bike - CB1300)

  • 3 points and £MASSSIVE fine for failing to identify the driver of my car on the day my sister moved and I could not determine with certainty who was driving as me, my dad, my partner all drove my car up and down the M20 that day (Car)

  • 3 points and SP30 2009 for late night excessive speed/cock waving. Looked damn good on the video though :cool: I was actually pretty lucky (Bike - CB1300)

  • 3 points and SP30 last week for excess in a 40 limit, nothing else about, save for 3 bored wooden tops in a layby zapped me from about 500ft away, kicking myself as it’s a favourite spot ot theirs. (Bike - 1100 Pan European)

had 3points from an sp30 that got cleared in Feb. But i started feeling withdrawal symptoms so got me some more! (sp30 again) :smiley:

I didnt read the rules correctly

six points …

three points for doing about 90 in the limehouse link tunnel …didnt argue as the speed limit in there is 30 (police bike joining from the merging tunnel)

three points for doing about 75 coming out from the underpass on euston road again didnt argue as its 30 there as well (hand held speed gun)

Me and tunnels seem to cause problems

then probably got out of about 12-15 points for having a foreign license before my UK one ( when I was a courier)…it seems no matter what I did wrong the police couldnt be assed with the paperwork.

when I was young and foolish I did a runner on the a406…I was doing about 120 when saw the police parked on the side …the lights came on and pulled out …they never caught me. Wont do that again.

One out of date MoT on a car.
One SP30 on the BMW R80/7.

Both from before most of you lot were born.

Numerous roadside borrockings. (I do apologetic/embarrassed/contrite very well.) Do those count?

Oh. I am still trying but I have learned to be super observant over the last … cough … years.

29 years Driving/Riding - hmmm a few points here and there but nothing to wave a willy about. Mine have been in the car doing a fraction over the posted speed limit. :ermm:

Mark you need to hone in on your observation skills :stuck_out_tongue:

20 years car - 3 points - camera
5 years bike 3 points - bike cop speed gun, should of seen him
Pulled once by undercovers - scolded

Used to be more of a gobshite on the roads, but age is slowing me.

This looks worse than it is I’ve never enjoyed riding fast but I have always had time sensitive jobs time is money. I had to explain that to a judge once at Marylebone court, she was very understanding and let me run up to 15points. :slight_smile:

I also spent over 15 years as a motorcycle courier averaging about 1000/1200 miles a week. :slight_smile: