How's your licence looking?

Just out of interest really…

I suppose to be fair I’ll set a couple rules:

  1. It applies to your whole licence history - expired points still count!

  2. Not just points acquired on the bike - car as well etc

  3. Optional - tell us what you got done for, by what method (camera or plod etc), and what sort of vehicle it was in or on


Expired points count?!?! So a lifetime total?

Tbh, anyone that isn’t above 6 points is either under 20 or simply not trying…

I’ll start - clean licence :Wow:

clean and always been

7 years and clean as a whistle

6 years and Clean :wink:

20 years car - never had any points
8 years bike - ditto

I had an SP30 from a camera in 2005, but that is off my license now…

Sorry Andy, not trying hard enough…

Over 20 years I’ve had 9 points for speeding and 3 for a loose chain. It might actually be 15 for speeding… I tend to get them 6 at a time, but only once the previous ones have dropped off.

All 9 (or maybe 15) have been from camera’s. I’ve been pulled over maybe 3 times for speeding by policemen, but no points from them.

EDIT No, it must be only 9 I think.

without tempting fate, 8 years bike Clean, 2 years car clean

7 years, clean.

10 years (only 3 have been bike) licence - 3 points (SP30) + 1 bollocking. Both for speeding on bike.

Points were from speed gun doing 50 (they said) in a 30… I think it was more like 45 but didn’t contest - was a fair cop
Bollocking was from following police car doing 70-75 in a 50…

20 years clean car license.
Buy a 125cc scoot, within two weeks I had 3 points :wink:

All points expired, 1st 3 were on my Aprilia RS125 :wink: 2nd lot of 3 was one month after said points on RS had been expired in the car - both sets of points by a copper hiding by a bush with a speed gun - coincidently both sets of coppers created a RTA whilst issuing me points as cars breaking heavily as they saw the high viz of the other officers come out from the bush! Safety campaign my asssssss! :unsure:

18 points from speeding naughtys , 6 points for traffic light naughtys ,3 points for a level crossing naughty and 12 points for insurance naughtys … been banned once for 6 months . Currently clean but did get flashed by a traffic light camera the other day .

^^ Someone who’s trying

Totally clean. Passed car test in 1997, bike test last year. :wink:

TBF though, I was without a vehicle for about 5-6 of them years…

Numnum you’re in the lead!

Didn’t that Jewel bloke have a bunch of bans?

Ive had my car licence 25+ years, HGV 6 years & bike 4 years and up til last year had a clean licence. I like to think its not luck but good observation as to why I lasted so long without points :cool:
HOWEVER, I was coming home from work (on the bike) at 4am last summer. Was riding quick but sensibly. I have a habit of checking all junctions, as I pass them, at that time of night. As I came through one set of lights, I saw a BMW sitting to my right. As the lights changed, I could see in my mirrors that he turned right & followed me. He speeded up to sit behind & I thought he waited to play…so I cracked it open.
Blue lights on & it turned out it was an unmarked car looking for a stolen motorbike. He actually congratulated me on my riding skill but still proceded to write me up 3 points. Caught on in car video. 69mph in a built up area… D’oh.

20 years clean. Did take a bit of a break from driving/riding in the middle of that though.

I ride progressively when it is appropriate.