how's ya luck?

Dropped my lid at Brands today, only a couple of months old, and cracked it so had to lay out for a new one.

While buying the new one, sent my sun glasses flying across the floor, scratching a lens.

Then when I got home the zip on my jacket broke.

These things happen in threes right?

Well i after riding through all the fog, met up with the other BCR’ers then as the fog cleared and we where nearing thaxsted my chain snapped… gutted

Luckily the guys and gal on the BCR are a good bunch and i was sorted out.

I hope things arent in 3’s cause i dont want anythin else to happen. I supose you could count the fact one of the lads had a spare link for my chain but by the time he realised there was a problem, cause he was ahead of us, sneaky and i was already on the way to pick the van up.

There’s always that first time you drop/scratch your latest lid - I often wear an older pre-scratched lid if i’m going down the shops/pub etc so that I’m not bothered about sticking it on the floor/dropping it while retrieving my wallet etc. Same with bikes really - they’re gonna get scratched sooner or later - consequently I don’t worry about cosmetics anymore and just concentrate on making sure the mechanicals are in good order - it makes riding a bike more enjoyable as your not constantly fretting about paintwork and stuff.Having to replace the lid/lens is a b*gger though, Sorry. :pinch:

I’ve never really cared about putting my lid down or the odd mark, it was the crack running across the back that made me buy a new one, dumped the dropped one at Brands

ah thats minors mate…

in the past few weeks i have…

lost a good mate…he took his own life :frowning: RIP Chris G

lost my digi camera…

very neearly lost my job…

wrote my bike off…

picked up 3 points on the courtesy bike…

and i have an operation on thursday…out of action for two weeks or so…right as im tyring to sort a new bike and everything else is turning to…ya know…

so chin up bruv it aint that bad!:smiley:


and the V twin massive have lost our general mate.

I know there always people having it worse.

Good luck with everything mate!

Sometimes it feels like everythings going to borroks fellas - chins up! and remember - life’s only a temporary experience so don’t let it get you down! ;):slight_smile:

Well I’ve only been a week in London and for starters I will know by tomorrow whether I will be able to start my Master’s due to university’s fault. Otherwise, I’ll have to pack my stuff and go back.

In addition, I have been looking for accomodation and have been shocked by the prices(I know Sept-Oct is bad timing for property). All the student halls are full and the ones that had vacancies by a private group called UNITE have price tags that really shouldn’t be called ‘student’ by any stretch of the word.

So there I am, not sure whether I’ll start my master’s, no accomodation, and needless to say that my two visits here(one for the interview in September, and one now) have cost me a pretty peny. Not to mention the hassle I went through trying to get a special leave from the Navy to come here.

Sorry, rant over.:smiley:

Get it off yer chest mate! ;):smiley:

Mind if I ask which helmet you had that cracked ?

Bad luck mate, but atleast all the bad luck has happened now.

And i thought my weekend had been bad…the father in law is seriously ill so been hanging around hospital doorways waiting for any news most the weekend with the rest of the family…:crying:

Shark RSI, it was one of those drops that we couldn’t work out what happened. It was in it’s helmet bag, I went to hang it on my shoulder but it seemed to miss and fall onto the concrete. About a three to four foot drop, it sounded bad but I waited til nearer the end of the day to check it.

I suppose on the bright side of things, I was somewhere I could pick up a new one.

Wishes for the best wasp!

holy crap, what a week, of money wrenching heart ache some of you have had, i thought totting up the costings for my repairs was bad enough,

Well i had the day from hell… it started off with the usual making urself late rubbish and dont know how it happened routine… then i couldnt fit all i needed into my rucksack…then it went onto big traffic on the way into work… so i was late for work… then went to park the bike in the banks car park cos they kindly agreed 4 wks ago to letting me park there, but today decided to tell me to move it or it will get clamped… then panicked cos no bloody space to park the bike… once the bike was sorted, work was poop then had to leave work to go to uni and then face the battle that was trying to get home alive through traffic because every mini cab, mini van, and people carrier wanted to hit me… it only has to get better… well back to doing homework for tomorrow…

… but im sure its no way near as bad as the poor biker who got knocked off his bike on the a40… whoever u r, hope ur ok! :slight_smile: