How's the Masculine/Feminine Balance in YOUR house???

Easy way to find out.

Go to the bathroom and count the number of shampoo - conditioner - moisteriser etc bottles hanging around

Then go to your garage/shed/understairs cupboard/toolkit/drawer whatever and count the tins of WD40-ACF50-Gunk-Chain Lube-Engine Oil Refill-Degreaser-Brake Fluid-Muck Off etc.

If the ration of bathroom kit to bike kit is MORE than 2-1 …

…then you live in a Feminine influenced house baby! :smiley:



I’m winning at the moment but there’s a new girl due to arrive in the household in a couple of weeks so may have to plan a strategic defeat (or start buying WD40 by the pallet)

Well this is a tough one… I have commandeered available space for penetrants, lubricants and motorcycle based cleaners, but only because I do all the housework. Where the hell does that leave me?

I reckon I am 3 to 1 in the lead. I just love the smell of brake cleaner…

Not even going to check as I know it’ll be a Feminine win at ours !

Bike related bottles/tubs/jars far exceed the girly stuff here, as it should be. :wink:


depends, number of containers, girlies win. volume of fluid, man win! its the moisturisers I cant compete with, just soooo mannnnny! but coz they are so fookin expensive they are all tiny jars.

10-1 win for the boys in our household :slight_smile:

Maybe you are a ladyboy…

Bloody hell, I hadn’t thought of that!

Bugger males win in my house!

…or a simpler way…

Does the lid stay ‘up’ or ‘down’ ??? :D:P

Down, because it is more hygienic when you flush. It reduces the faecal matter floating around your bathroom.

you mean stink right?