Hi, my name is (obviously) Simon. I live in Essex by Lakeside shopping centre, and commute daily and year round by bike. I do IT contracting so over the last couple of years my commute has been to Baker Street, to Leatherhead, Kew Bridge and as of next Monday, Waterloo.

I keep two bikes just because losing a days work through having a bike problem would be expensive.

Fun motorbike related fact about me… I managed to shorten one of my fingers by a couple of centimeteres last year - which has buggered up my typing. I was moving my KLV out of the garage and didn’t set the stand right, the bike went over and caught my thermal inner gloves. The threads in the glove tightened around my left hand pinky and sliced it clean off, still inside the glove. Not crushed, not ripped, sliced clean through. I was so annoyed about dropping my bike that I didn’t realise for 3 or 4 minutes when I noticed some blood. Sheesh. Luckily the bike is tough, and suffered very little damage, and I qualify for a 10% discount on manicures now…

Anyway - nice to meet you all!

Welcome to LB mate
Look out for our jaunts up essex way, join up and share some local knowledge :slight_smile:

Welcome fella :slight_smile:

A warm welcome from your new 2-wheel family…

Ouch! Nice intro! :smiley: Just what we like round here.

Welcome aboard from one IT-c*nt-Sultan-t to another :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

welcome aboard simon. your finger intro is well gory. excellent stuff. bit of a freak accident there and sounds very painful. couldnt they sew it back on at the hozzy?

Well although it was a clean cut, it actually had about a 4 cm long vein and nerve trailing out of it, so to sew it on meant slicing my whole hand open to attach those two bits. For an important finger maybe it would have been worthwhile but this was my pinky on my left hand. Not really worth the hassle…

I have some awesome photos that look like a cheap Halloween prop. Given bikers are normally interested in gore I coul post a pic cue if anyone wants…


Hi Simon & welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Simon and Welcome,

How can you say the left hand pinky is not important ???

Is it not the best one for reaching those hard to get boogers :stuck_out_tongue:

Update… Nice meeting a few more LB 'ers too !!

Hi and welcome :smiley: