I’ve been told its customary to introduce yourself on here so… HI!I’m a learner (the shame), but I guess we all have to start somewhere. Got a black CBR125 which I love. Always really proud as I wheel it out of the garage until hubby gets his ‘slightly bigger and faster’ (!) CBR600 out!!:crazy:

Thought I’d pick the biking thing up quite quickly but its been a slow and painful process for all involved; hoping to try to put in for my full lisense soon but still scream when I hit 40mph so might be better to stick where I am for now (not quite that bad but you catch my draft)!! Been convinced to go the Dick Turpin tonight with hubby and mates so that should cast more shame on my ‘L’ plates and wobbley riding!! Not sure if you’re even allowed in with a ‘L’ plate present on your bike?!!!

Oh well, its all good fun!!!

Look forward to joining in in some discussions and hopfully picking up afew handy riding tips along the way, god knows I need them!!!

Big love peeps:D

Hello and welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

hello and welcome to LB

oddly enough i was at the turpin tonite…and i did see you pull in behind a CBR, you had black and red leathers i think? if that was you ya looked comfertable enough on ya bike:D

Hello and welcome to LB:D



Welcome to londonbikers :stuck_out_tongue:

Wemcome :smiley:

Patatas Bravas

Cheers mate! :smiley:

Funny enough, it all seemed to come together on tuesday night, I’ve never really done any rides like that; tend to just stick to the all the roads around where I live. But going on fast roads like a127 seems to have cured my fear of speed (big time)!!! Think I need to keep doing ride outs like that to build my confidence up. Didnt have any choice but to go fast and use all the stuff I know cos I had to keep up with the peeps I was with (all on 600’s)!!!:slight_smile:

Was you #46 sweatshirt?! Think I saw you

hi bikebunny glad you liked going to the pub . i have been there twice now on my sv but this week i had been to see mum so could not go . i will look out for you next time i go . i have a blue sv650 unfaired and my helmet is blue and white .you welcome to come over for a chat :slight_smile: i live in canvey island so if you near pm and we can go out on the bikes . i dont go speeding along .

have fun in the summer sun

Hi and welcome

My sis is exactly the same as you are at the mo

Tell her to stick at it… I’m definately getting there. Booked my theory this morning… gotta get that full license by the end of the year!

If your sis wants a fellow ‘L’ ride partner, I wouldnt mind hitting some A roads

Hi and welcome.

The more you get on it, the more comfortable you become. Things start happening naturally and there’s less ‘forced’ thinking.

ride safe:)

Welcome to LB Bike Bunny

It sounds like you’re doing really well and starting to enjoy a little bit of speed!