Hi everyone… I’ve been hiding in the shadows of these forums for a couple of weeks now, whilst doing my DAS. Thats all completed now and I should be picking up my new Tuono in the next week or so :w00t: Soon as I get it I’m gonna be riding every free minute of every free day!

I’m in Greenwich and it seems like theres a few LBers from around these parts so would be good to meet up (once ive got my wheels of course - it just wouldn’t be the same following in the car).

Hi and welcome mate, pompeytims a foriegner from that side of london, no doubt he will say hi and show you the way to the ace :slight_smile:

second thoughts ask someone else he’s not brill with directions :D:D

Hello & welcome :slight_smile:

pompey Tim? - funny, i’ve only just moved to London from Portsmouth… pompey born and bred

hi mu chuu, nice to meet you.