Ok, I joined up a couple of days ago and this is the one post I forgot to make… apparently jumping right in is the way to go, who needs introductions?

Well… I do, seeing as how no one knows me

My name’s Keti and I’ve been living in London since October last year. I own a Honda CBF600S in black (which is sometimes shiny, but more often than not isn’t…), called Jimbob the CBFantastic (kitsch eh??)

I reckon that’s all the vaguely interesting stuff. If I carried on now it would just go downhill so that’s enough from me

Hi there and welcome to LB again,…

poke poke with the newbie stick


Hello and a warm welcome to LB from me.

Welcome to LB!

Hello keti, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures & Video forum!

Hi and welcome, mine is a virtual pint.


Ta for that warm reception! London is a very big and lonely place when ya relatively new so it’s nice to hear so many friendly folk

Hi there, and welcome to LB. Mine’s a large coconut smoothie please!

best get to a meet then, you’ll soon end up with loads of mates …

and welcome …

Cheers for the pointer, dibble. I’m defo aiming to get down to the Cubana meet this Wednesday (next was a bit of a washout on my part… sorry!)

So look out for a shiny black Honda CBF600S with mahusssssive crash bungs (owing to my not very good “unparking” skills)

Coconut smoothies all round!

good morning and welcome keti! i guess i will see ya at the cubana, mines the shiney black fazer, although with the weather shes grotty now

Hello and welcome…

Weaver, I moved down here from Manchester to take up a new job. I’d been studying oop norf for 6 years (I know, I know… eternal student ). I’m actually from sunny Greece, tho. But I sound like a Manc

I’m living in Earlsfield now, just near Wimbledon. It’s not bad! Quite leafy

Nice to meet you last night Keti

Likewise! Thanks for popping over to say hello I’m sure I’ll see you again soon… I’m planning on trundling up to the Ace tomorrow (first time!) and Cubana next week perhaps

welcome to LB

Welcome to LB Keti