Howdy there! Any tips for new pillion

Getting back into biking again, wondering where everyone is now that MSN don’t do the whats on pages. Almost best part of that paper!I ride a ZX9R and slowly introducing my new girl into riding pillion any tips:).

Apart from wait till summer:P


looking forward to meetng you at the newbie meet in feb:)

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Rideouts & meets is our version of whats on :wink:

some people like

or cheaper on ebay.

Good choice of bike for pillion by all accounts.

So is she going to be geared up in protective or minskirt & stilletos? :wink:

Think I’ll let her decide that one but she does like to get wet LOLOL

Burn rubber not your soul!

hi and welcome to lb

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi and welcome


get her a decent outfit and lid and tell her to hold on tight!

Get her gear as good or better than yours…Tell her to hold on with hands around your waist or on you shoulders…Alternatively, use the 9Rs grab rails…Also, she should lightly grip onto you with her thighs (sounds like one of my stories :wink: ) to stabilise herself under braking and give her confidence under acceleration.She should also just sit naturally, just sit and not try to influence the lean.

Both of you should move as one…Ahhhhhh :smiley:

Oh yeah…Welcome :smiley:


depends whether you’re cruising or riding at pace, and how long her reach is.

if at pace, its much better if she reaches round (steady…) and puts her hands on the tank. her weight will be forward which balances the bike better, she’ll be less liable to be thrown backwards when you accelerate, and her weight will press into the tank and not you if you have to brake hard. short journeys/hacking through the city this is fine. longer distance as posted above

depending on how she gets on with the pillion seat, maybe get a triboseat pillion cover - much grippier, makes it easier to stay in place.

Hiya mate welcome aboard, get her 1 of these n she’ll never complain :wink:

Hi nice toy, tell her to hold on and relax!!!

is that why your always smiling after rideouts ? :slight_smile:

Sit here, shut up & hold on tight! :stuck_out_tongue: