How you feeling today jay......

Morning jay, how are you feeling today? a little better than yesterday i hope. I bet foxy is pampering the hell out of you!!!

Well, last we saw him, he was in bed with three hot chicks, so how do you think he’s feeling?

Exhausted? Smug? Pleased with himself? Unless, of course “the sisters were doing it for themselves…”

Hope you’re feeling OK, Jay!

Is this going to be a standard LB treatment - like an emergency-cuddle team thing? They could all wear nighties with the LB logo…

ok ok too much thought going in already

got post traumatic stress coz i just chipped a nail,

can i have a cuddle n a bedtime story pls.

dont mind watchin if the chicks wanna do it 4 themselves tho, hahahahaha.


where did that just come from???

I’ve been better njs71, thanks for asking, though I’m mostly fine, I just need some time to get over it.

Get over the accident or having three women in your bed doing it for themselves?

(I’ll get my coat)

Jay, mate. Just got back to town and been reading all about your accident.

So sorry to hear about it, needless to say, anything we can do just shout.

Jay … Just read about your spill … crazy circumstances!! … glad you’re in one piece & I hope you and your gorgeous Gixxer are “tip-top” again soon!!