How would you react to?

To careless drivers like the blue peugeot?

Ok my first words would be YOU ONLY GO ON A GREEN LIGHT NOT REDISH AMBER !.As some lights phase so closely together that if another amber gambler is present you get that scenario

(And to those who think im harsh etc and dont jump on the bloody cagers bandwagon IF your going to criticise others look at your own manner on the road  .I see more bikers acting dangerously and getting themselves into stupid situations by their own stupid fault than anyother rosd user in my day to day travels which can range from driving Artics ,class2 hgv or vans  into central london ,to the cotswolds or the south coast )

Seems pretty clear he took a red. Very danferous if he did, but that’s the reality of the roads. I would say its the type of driving you have to try to anticipate (which you did) and you need to be more concerned with keeping safe than being in the right.

How would I react? 9 times:out of 10 I’d shake my head, maybe wave in his rear mirror to make the point he needs to be looking for bikes. 1 time I might hit the horn (If in a bad mood). 0 times would I be bothered enough to post it on a foirum, given the fact that it is so common as to be something to get used to.

2 wrongs don’t make it right  

This is very common - although its pretty big red run… On balance a horn blast is probably the correct thing todo as he’s made you take avoiding action (i.e slowing down.) But other than that, its would be filed in the ‘crappy’ driving that i’ve seen section of my brain. He’s subsequent stuff probably a shake of the head.

Personally i’d make a complaint to the police.  Video evidence is very powerful, and going through a red light is very dangerous.

Fill out the form on this Met website:

They’ll be interested in this. Had something very similar happen to me last week: 

However the offenders number plate just wasn’t clear enough for them to take any action. The reg I thought I had made out apparently didn’t match the car shown. :frowning:  But, they still looked at and investigated the incident, so do submit yours.

Thanks for that link Arfa, when i called 101 they suggested to go to a Police station to do this, but this is better. Also, your incident is a hell of alot more serious than what happened to me. Well done on the reflexes there!

@TimR please watch the video properly before alleging that I ran off at a red/amber light. it’s clear as day that I entered the roundabout on a green signal.

I won’t be posting these videos every time on the forum as these incidents are sadly, too common. Though I want to get an opinion from fellow London based commuters on how’d they deal with this situation to better inform my own way of handling this. Thank you

+1 to Arfa’s comment.

@Arfa - Crickey buddy, it’s a good job that you did not slow down there.  What horn do you have?  

@Arfa - wow that’s a nasty one, and the drive was a complete moron for running the red at that point
@CBR500R - def worth reporting to the police if you’re so inclined. 

Note the ASL you stopped at … you crossed that on the red to amber phase which is technically same as running a red light . (from looks you were already on or over it ) you then crossed the Give way markings on the green phase.
My point being is that if your going to go onto submitting videos be mindful of your own actions

Anyone know if it’s true the police need the full tape not an clip of it?

Started using headcam again but it keeps recording the speedo.

Anyone know if it's true the police need the full tape not an clip of it?

Started using headcam again but it keeps recording the speedo.


Does that mean you can’t adjust the camera’s angle to record just above the speedo (like in the first video)? It worked for me.

I still don’t like this idea of reporting every single you record on camera. Next thing you know someone is recording you when you’re a bit aggressive on the throttle or pull a wheelie…

Yes there are dicks out there but there are also people who make mistakes. Sometimes they get caught sometimes they don’t some don’t care but others will say “shit I fucked up there… must pay more attention next time”

As above.
Unless you are completely squeeky clean and never do a thing wrong tgen grassing someone up for something is very hypocritical

It’s not a big deal… You clearly saw the blue car which is good defensive driving on your part. So no harm done.

Side question - what is the purpose of an amber light? (purpose not definition).

Why do we have it at all and not just move to the US system of green and red only?

Arfa, glad you’re unscathed! That was way too close for comfort… wow.

Amber is telling you to get ready to ready to stop. It is telling you the lights are going to change and if it is safe to do so, then stop. Red and green only makes it quite dangerous in my opinion as you don’t know when it is going to change and could cause emergency braking! at least with the amber light there is a warning on when it is going to change