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утро, которым Анна Эинсфорд является только в конце концов от меня иногда, я взрываю через это в моем автомобиле, когда это нуждается в том, чтобы мыть loldid that translate right ?:w00t:

Yes but how about long term tests anyone can buy a jacket, lid or gloves and rave about comfortable and waterproof they are but what about when they are 3years old and been used on a daily basis… that’s where the real test lies!

Quality pics Jets, think I would of taken the long way round!

Great ideas guys, if you have a said set of textiles that are 3 years old or even a set of gloves that are still waterproof, then let me know and you may be in the video review …
I’m going to star off with some of my low budget kit for starters, just to see how we go…

I’ve also got an old shoe xr1000 I would like to test somehow so ideas on a postcard please

The first thing i find to go on textiles,is the zip pull, ive had 3 sets and all whent,

less then 6months on one, I puy a keyring ring through the zip to pull it up and down.

I love my weise leathers, but find the sidi boots un comfi to walk in:)

Good stuff Shane, yeah members’ reviews have been kicked around for ages and perhaps this will bring up some interest.

We are always on the look out for kit to review, like the man says it isn’t very easy at all to get what we want when we want it. A lot of stuff has to go back too which means it can’t be damaged as part of the test - the Shark lids we had, the TomTom, the Cardo intercom I’ve currently got - and therefore restricts me from giving it out to you guys. We aren’t backed by Bauer Media or similar, and therefore have very little bona fides in the eyes of the product manufacturers which means they aren’t so sure about throwing the big stuff at us.

However, the smaller stuff yes I can certainly take a wish list for (I’ll see about setting one up in the ‘Products’ forum) and I’ll see what I can do.

Dishing review kit out to people is something I’m wary of doing. We’ve done it before and been burnt more often than not, because reviews have to be done in a timely manner and done well. It has been a success - PJ reviewed the Ventura kit last year, so I won’t rule it out happening again, but it is likely to be people I know and trust I’m afraid.

This idea of reviewing your own gear is spot on, and I have no reason why this shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t have to be very detailed / long as what I might do is collate several of your reviews and publish them as one article. You will need to photograph the item, including any areas you highlight in the words e.g, if there is a tear in the lining I want a photo of it. You can then send me the text (word or even notepad format is fine - no mac formats please though) to the photos’at’ address.

Reviewing old gear I’m not so sure about. I agree it’s good to know whether something has lasted and lived up to the claims when new, but since 2-3year old gear has likely been replaced I’m not sure what benefit we’re going to get from publishing such reviews.

Mebbe something like an annual gear review is in order - like a Ride Power survey thing - so we can all rate our gear irrespective of age? But full on reviews I’m not convinced about.

New stuff though, defo. Just bought a Knox backpack so I’ll be penning that soon.

Video reviews are coming courtesy of Smiled, of both product and your bikes if you want to volunteer, so best get the cleaner out !

I’d like to see waterproof gear reviewed in a test like the Jets pics!! Need some good waterproofs that aren’t going to leak after ten seconds and decent rain resistant visor gear.

Also tyres and chains - want to see some decent comparisons - so if you lot have gone through a few tyres and chains on your bikes and have an idea as to the best quality and value - post them up :wink:

I am not going to be offering to review crash helmets, but happy to offer any reviews of my kit and bike.

The Triumph Street Triple I own has been an LB bike from the outset - previous owner KML UK (Kelvin) and also test rode by Shiver (kind of by accident) who pronouced it a fantastic ride apart from a harsh front end. Am happy to get some comprehensive reviews from insured people :slight_smile:

Anyway - yes - good idea.


Also when “we” are reviewing gear, we should also note what the sizing is, what what size it actually is.

Are sizes in UK, US or EU, are the sizes what they say they are etc…

As most of you know, I’m quite small, and have a devil of a job getting gear to fit, what is says on the label, is not necessarily what it is.

Sorry mate, but walking from your house to your garage, opening the garage door and kissing your bike before tucking it back into it’s bike condom for the rest of autumn/winter cannot be considered as testing beyond repair.:stuck_out_tongue:

well here is how it sounds in English if i were to translate word by word without trying to figure out exactly what it is that’s been said:"morning, which Anna Einsfield appears only in the end of ends from me sometimes, i blow up through this in my automobile, sometimes this need in that, because wash lol :smiley: "to be honest now that i’ve translated it into English like this, i can only think that what you mean was to say that in the morning Anna Einsfield at last appears from visiting you???:w00t: you drive through the water only in your car, only when you need to wash it…er…yeah, i’ve used a bit of imagination on the last translation too.

That actually makes more sense than his usual ramblings:D

Our guess is “Hi Anna Eynsford bridge is only at the end of my road so I drive my car through it instead of paying for a car wash”.

Anna, wait til summer, we’ll all go through it on our bikes again, you’ll love it:)

Back on “Reviews”. Good point Andrew about reviewing old stuff - if you wanted to buy something specific someone had had for 3 years it probably wouldn’t be available. BUT surely noting hardwearing Makers of things would be useful?

  • 2 with DL Chatel about the sizing too. Especially interesting for a) girls b) men with long legs/arms


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At the risk of repeating myself

See what I mean?:stuck_out_tongue:

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