How would you lot like.......

To see biking gear reviewed here on LB?

Would you like to see kit tested to destruction? Or would you like LB to run various tests specific to the product reviewed ?
Would you like video media of said kit tested/ reviewed?

Better yet, what would you like to see reviewed or tested…?

Any ideas on this subject greatly appreciated

yep this would be a very very good ideal, i am looking at new gear atm, i want something that looks good is practical and also good to walk about in rather than feel like yr in a banana skin:w00t:

yes please

have LB members test gear and report back.

1 + Yes Please that’s how it should be

Yup would love to see something like that…

Maybe a textile vs leathers competition or helmet impacts?

RiDE magazine already does a TOP 5 on most things from bikes/gloves/leathers/rucksacks etc how about members review there own gear/equipment and submits it in its own section that way your getting real world reviews from people using the stuff on daily basis :slight_smile:

I’d say that LB should do it. Even giving items to members to try out and report back. Especially newer members who arent loyal to any brands… like me :stuck_out_tongue:

A non-biased opinion is always better:cool:

Would be good to have real world tests of gear used everyday by people we know and in environments we all ride in day to day.

oh yes i would be upfor this i would conduct real world test and do youtube reports on the good bad and ugly no brand loyatly allowed or to be paid. love to do my own crash helmet tests sod the sharps test just watch me lol:w00t:

110% upfor this send me the items and i will test em beyond repair

yep, yep, yep if you’ll be in the video testing the kit yourself :stuck_out_tongue: and yep again. btw how about putting a hot red head or brunette in your avatar for once :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: in fact f*ck it that’s what i’m goint to do now, i’ll put up some ginger girl up :smiley:

ta-da!! sorry about the quality

Sounds like a good idea. So does someone have to be the guinea pig e.g. sticking them in some leathers, tying them to a car and dragging them down the road to see when it burns through?

I might be up for that… :smiley:

something like that dude…;)…jet wash…or even a full on car wash…the skys the limit…:w00t:.Now lets not get carried away you phuckers!!!:w00t:…remember the staff here all have to beg like hell to gain any type of product so we can reveiw it…because of the current climate, people are very very reluctant on giving away free chit to us so here at LB, we are trying our damdist to try and get on par with all the heavy weights …(on a personal note, this means having too give up time with my daughter so i can stick my ore in to places and tickle their balls for just a free bug wipe solution…just to reveiw it for you lot!!!).Im just trying to asertain what you would like reviewd …what would you like to see…and what format you would like to see it in?also…we’re talking about a bike of the month video section were a members bike gets featured with a nice peice of footage…nice review…!! and the great part of that is …it dosent have to be the latest sports bike…could be a GT 750 for all we care…the more random the better…!!!:w00t:…just thought it would be a nice addition too the site…what ya think? it something you would actually look at regularley?smiled.

I’d like some decent testing for Rain / Waterproof gear - gloves, over trousers, gortex etc - which is the most efficient product and lasts all day without leaking - and anything regarding decent products that prevent visors misting up such as Fog City / rain resistant spray etc

I’d also like some testing done on crash helmets - after I got the Boxer Roof I heard it was not considered as safe as some other brands - so would like a comparison.



like the idea smiled, i’d say its a go! be nice to work people are using and what is good and what isnt…

hels has some very valid points:)

I`d like to see tests on a variety of bikes capacity to cope with the ford at Eynsford at speed:)

ive crash tested a helmet b4 it was quite fun i might have to put myself forward haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Test out some Halo leathers :wink:

Seriously though this would be good. Even simple things like chain lube, you always see them advertised as non fling yet it still manages to end up all over your rear wheel.

Should have some long term tests too. Any forum member who have just recently brought some new kit could comment on their first thoughts then update after x amount of time using it… Such as my tech 10’s which where nice and shiny untill i went on a ride with the Jets :w00t:

Not everyone can afford top brand names so it would be good to get reveiws on less known names with a lower price tag.

Im actualy doing a reveiw for a company on a mouth guard. Suposed to make you more relaxed when riding. Im actualy starting that tomorrow with my initial veiw looking at it and moulding it to my mouth. Going to be doing a trackday using it then give the guy my final report. Im only actualy doing it because he tried promoting it on the KTM forum and there was alot of critisism on it including from myself and i sugested he got some unbiased reveiws on it so he sent me one to test out.

Oh and i like the idea of having a members bike featured each month. I think thats a top idea, im going to play in the sand near the end of the year so… :wink: :hehe:

ere what about tests on kit and bikes that are over 5 yrs old not everyone can afford brand new bikes etc

would love to see a sharps test or the like on helmets that are 5 yrs old or over and see if they realy mean what they about" sorry sir yr helmet is weakened coz its old now" . or wash a helmet for a year with washing up liquid or the like and then test it and see who is lieing or not etc

those pics are brilliant! i wonder if you can find any pics of bikes surfing…:smiley: