how unlucky is this bloke

hit by a car, then assaulted!!

in my home town…lol

Poor bloke :(I am beginning to wonder though if Steve does any work at all :stuck_out_tongue: It would appear he spends more time on BBC news that he does on LB :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

That’s almost as bad as almost knocking yourself out on a hand rail in the gents :stuck_out_tongue:

He can’t compete with the time you spend on LB :D:cool:

Lol, true, gets very boring here in my office sometimes, LB is the only escape :slight_smile:

considering boredom in work was main reason i was leaving, and now im waiting for contract before hand in my notice, not much incentive to work

plus when youve just spent 2 weeks detailing cad drawings ready to go out, then ur boss turns round and tells u to scrap them and start again cause he didnt read the brief correctly, you begin to think **** this…lol