How Unlucky Can You Be?

Having one accident is unlucky, but having two is unbelievable!


rest in peace.

Jeez that is so sad:angry:

I like the comment from the lorry driver caught in the traffic about losing money…t0sser:angry:

RIP buddy

That’s really bad luck, RIP :frowning:


What are you a journalist!:w00t::smiley: That’s a bit unfair when it’s the same guy that went on to say “But at the end of the day you’re talking about somebody’s life, that’s somebody’s son, they’re having a lot worse day than we are.” I read it that the guy died as a result of his initial injuries from his 1st accident (obviously aggravated by the delay)

Sounds like it was the injuries from the first accident which killed him, I imagine that he would have died from them whether he was in the second accident or not :frowning:

No i’m not a journalist Stu. In my opinion it just shows what his first thought was. That is all

Big shame.

Whilst we don’t know the reason for the Ambulance crash, we can probably speculate. It makes my blood boil when I see drivers not giving emergency vehicles the respect they deserve. I find cab drivers are the worst, they just don’t pull over quickly, and some folks pull out in front fo them. It almost gives me road-rage. I can’t help but feel they would react different if it was one of their loved-ones in the ambulance.

unreal and we think we are unlucky.


R.I.P rider:(

your right there jay.
selfishness even in an emergency!.
how really sad their lives are.