How to you carry a huge flower pot..


:smiley: :w00t: :smiley:

LMAO is that legal??

course its legal, its the new Arai - Sharp approved and all




thats jp and his wife;)

Yeah but guess which is which :hehe:

I once went out with a girl who needed one of them when going out before dark

lol class

What do you expect it`s in Greece.

Which one’s Bill and which one’s Ben??

You mean this guy isn’t impressive enough?
BBQ rider

In vietnam I saw a guy on a scooter delivering a COUCH…
AND he was riding one handed (the other one holding a rope over the couch)
AND he had a cigarette between the pinkie and ring finger on that hand.

So basically he was riding with 3 fingers: thumb, forefinger around throttle, middle covering the brake.

I thought it was Arai’s last ditch attempt to get a 5 star rating in the new helmet tests :wink: