how to waste an entire day in one easy step!!!

order some concert tickets!!! then the company can charge you £3 to send them recorded/secure delivery and you have to wait in your house all day cos they only deliver between 9 -5 !!! and u have to sign for them !!

what happend to royal mail delivering and if ur not in you pop round the sorting office and pick em up when its convienient AARRRGHHHHHHH

And just in case i dont hear them knock…cant play my music too loud , cant go in the back yard and clean my bike, cant do any tidying up, ironing or washing up ( well its a good excuse not too)

thank god i ve got LB to read .

Hope you lot are having a better day …i know its not a big thing in the scale of things but its too nice to be stuck in and i want to play out!!!

I hate having to wait in like that! Usually they come when ive popped out to pick up the kids from school!

Whats the concert btw?

tickets are for RUNRIG and its not till sept anyway !!!

and they wouldnt let me pick them up at the venue on the night !!!

I know exactly what you mean!

I ordered some gifts off “I Want One Of Those” and paid extra for next day delivery. Took the day off and waited. And waited. Aaaaaaaand waaaiiiited… No show. Becasue these were Xmas gifts that I was taking back to SA, I ended up driving all the way to the depot the next day to go and fetch the items. It was only a 150 mile round trip. When I got there, they had given me the wrong depot address! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!

Can’t you get them delivered to work?


normally they should leave a calling card anyway so you just pick up at your local sorting office

It sounds like they are making a big fuss out of nothing

We send loads of stuff out daily via Royal Mail and UPS… never ceases to amaze me how many ring up the next day moaning their stuff hasn’t been delivered, then when I track it… no prizes for guessing who’s signed for it!

Pi$$es me off waiting for stuff… I bribe my neighbour to wait in sign for stuff for me

calling card !! yeh got one on wednesday and from them saying they wanted to deliver friday…no problem as its a day off (after working nightshift). confirmed via text i would be in.

cos its a private company it doesnt go via royal mail to a sorting office so cant collect them.

wouldnt mind waiting in if they could say between 8 and 12 or 12 and 5 or something like that so at leasts you can use half the day . other companies seen to manage it.

with tracking and all the other technology you’d think they would be able to give you some idea…

I’m just amazed they are going to all these lengths to deliver a cple of tickets!!

and yes in case your wondering i’m still f’in waiting and running low on fags and want to be playing out on my bike ,damn it !!!


“running low on fags”

You just know you’re gonna be going through the ashtrays looking for long stubs before the day’s out

bluestar-tell me about it mate.
just the other day im expecting an item from nokia which was sent special delivery set to arrive before 1pm. I was supposed to go a little tesco shopping, but i send my little sister.

now, my good neighbour gives me a shout from the back garden which i go out to investigate what she wants.
she asks me to take a look at her shed door as she feels an attempt has been made to force entry to it, but left for some reason.
yes, for sure it does look like that, so whilst explaining what next to do, her husband walks in & only goes and says he was changing the locks without telling her, made a mess up of it, & went to homebase for some new bits!.
so i leave it all at that - all units stand down!..

i go indoors again, & the wait for the special post continues on. before i even sit down to flick through the cable channel’s, i hear my sister coming through the front door.
when she walks into the lounge, she is waving one of those royal mail while you were out’ cards at me!!!.
i jump up & race outside to see if they are still in sight, but long gone!.

now i got to wait till tomorrow to collect!.


Checking who signed for things is pointless…

Ordered an bunch of stuff from amazon. Checked site next day was told it’d been delivered. Phoned my girlfriend who’d been in all morning. No, nothing delivered. Check parcelforce web site and it says she’s signed for it so i call her back to check she’s not winding me up - no she’s not. check web site again and there’s a blatant forgery of her signature.

To cut a long story short they had a package for her and a package for me. They left both in an unloocked shed at the side of the house and signed the amazon one as picked up by her, but didn’t leave anything to say they’d done this. I called amazon who dispatched another package which arrived very next day and I signed for… whilst on a train to London!!

This time the driver managed to leave a note sayng he’d left the package in the shed so we open the shed and there are 3 packages sitting there…

We didn’t sign for any of them.

that is just bad luck