How to wash a motorcycle properly

This chap shows how it’s done. I found this video really informative:


I need to listen, watch, take notes and learn…

(Or lend my bike to Shiver:D )

hmmm to take this vid seriously or as a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a good way to get:

  • the bike to act up due to water in the electrics
  • your gauges to fog up
  • your seat to be slippery as ****
  • your bearings dried out
  • your tyres covered in wash and wax

It also doesn’t remove bugs or chain lube or properly clean anything really. I can do a ‘half assed’ clean in about half an hour that makes the bike look fairly spotless - for 100% clean rear undertray, wheels, rear shock etc it takes a bit longer and I usually remove the fairing.

However, once your bike is clean and ACFd a well aimed pressure washer can work well in knocking off the road grime.

it’s ajoke

I really need to wash mine! It’s filthy poor cow…

Well his way is a lot quicker than mine… :frowning: