How to use the quote button

A few people have been finding it difficult to use the quote button so I thought I’d do a thread on it and it should help to iron out any difficulties people are having.

The quote button does work but there is a glitch so you have to use it in a certain way.

An example of how to use the quote button.

You can either add you comment in reference to the quote as I have done here. As you can see below there is a test quote.

Or you can leave a gap between the quote as I have done here. So after the quote press enter two or three times depending on the browser you are using. For your reference I am using Google Chrome.

Why does this happen?
There is a glitch on the forum where design view doesn’t add a <div> tag in the HTML code. Pressing enter at least twice will add a <br> tag
and automatically that will create a new <div> tag on this forum.

Very helpful, many thanks indeed for posting this.

I think you’ve just nominated yourself LB Webmaster and chief re-designer! :Wow:

No problem at all… Always happy to help people use the site, its just easier for everybody if people are willing to learn how adapt to the site rather than complain.

In relation to re-designing, that has already been allocated to somebody with far greater expertise than I have. I’m sure it is in safe hands :).

good work Daniel, indeed a pet hate of mine and this is very clear!

…can you tell me how to post a vid please… I really should know as I’ve done it before…but just forgotten…:blush:

@LiM - I’ll make a separate thread

Yes, like that. As mentioned it does depend on your browser but if you can’t get it to work after the quote then clearly the best thing to do is do it before the quote which works on every browser.


If your handy with HTML you can go and add in the missing code yourself.

Daniel thanks mate very clear descriptions :slight_smile:

No probs :)… Did you see my PM with the other thread about the videos?

Yes thanks for that too…

Now I just have to compile a video of my commutes… i.e. light the blue touch paper! :wink:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

adding videos has already been done here:

great tip though Dan :slight_smile:

Well done DanielGT I must say this has been a pet hate of mine… Grrr!:smiley:

Can I ask a question

Maybe I should start another topic so please don’t shout.

I think I could be blind, but I can not find the log out button.
Don’t really want to stay logged in at work. Not that they care.

Help appreciated thanks in advance.

if you go on the home page there is one there

Arrr cool thanks Daniel.

So simple thanks