How to unlock a mobile???

Hubby got an upgrade and gave me his nokia n79…problem is its locked on Tmobile and i want to put a 02 sim in it and obviously it won’t let me…been all over town today looking for somewhere to unlock it but cos of the bad weather here in essex everywheres shut! can anyone help???:smiley:

you’ll just have to carry on looking for your dodgy phone dealer, try your local markets.

i believe it is illegal as stolen phones would be getting nicked more and umlocked, but as you know some places still do it, lol.

Try this

I used

paid and 15 mniutes later I had codes and instructions and unlocked phone in about 2 minutes !

imho it’s not illegal. the people you get on the market to do it might be though!

first result on google:
get your hubby to call Tmobile and say he wants to use a local pay-as-you-go sim when abroard. They should be ok with that excuse

**It is NOT illegal actually :stuck_out_tongue:

it is only illegal to have BLOCKED phones unlocked**

on alot of nokias you can unlock them yourself i did was the last few i had but you have to hunt around to find the codes and can take a little as theres different ones to try.

or the easy eay is to your local internet cafe where they sells phones.

Just been told i can phone tmobile and they’ll give me the code d’oh:w00t:

like at 14:04 when I posted you mean?

i have’nt tried calling them yet though…

doenst always work though…last time Tmobile charged me £15 for the pleasure…because they could see that I had an upgrade and a new phone

to be fair, that’s still pretty cheap

yes considering the shop wanted £25

Yes if you tell T mobile he’s on a contract and he’s had an upgrade they will most likely send you the code. Virgin are also pretty good with this, I needed my phone unlocked to use in The Netherlands with a foreign sim and they sent me the code straight away.

I would try all the options open to you before considering paying some clown 10 quid for about 0.15 seconds work.

I thought unlocking phones was one of the reasons that the internet was invented for.

Yes i thought that too…but you try finding the right codes lol:w00t:

WASP, call me babes, my sons giving me his N79 and its on 02 but im on tmobile…so wait on the unlocking stuff ok? as soon as i get the phone off him (hes got to get his **** off it) we can sort something out?

Sounds like a plan luvvie;) ive got a spare back and front case for it as well its not scratched in fact the whole phone is in exellent condition:)
ooh i feel a swapsie coming on:D

dont be silly oldguy…the internet is for porn !!!:D.


What’s porn?


PM “Il Bandito” Apart from the course options of womanising and alcohol, he seems to have been expensively university educated in hacking, ripping off and unlocking phones.