how to troll a dating website.....

haven’t laughed so hard for a long time!!…&mid=0

Genius! :smiley: PMSL

that was a good start to my day…

I love the cross eyed blond one about half way down, that made me actually LOL in the office

I like the first black girl, i’d give her a ring if I could read the numbers :slight_smile:

Hook nose is funny too


too funny !!!

I find this a little mean :unsure:

It’s a cruel world…

Yeah but we shouldn’t laugh at these poor girls. How many of them do you think actually cried over this cruel joke that is now plastered over the net? Im betting quite a few.

Did anyone else read the rest of the thread on PH?

This made me giggle.

meh, if someone of them whines/cries over an internet pic like this I think they may have bigger problems in life than that…

true dat Mr Chunda


yeah me too, if he paid for those art classes he was stitched up, poor sod :smiley:

As a nice person with good morals I said to myself this is not the sort of stuff we should be laughing at… BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Hahahahahahahahaha :w00t::P:D

its comedy gold!!! I particularly liked the chat on page 2 “don’t say my drawings are rubbish, criticism gives me migraines” :hehe:


I love the skelatoregirl post bit … "ps. I’ve got the same Makita drill as you! great arn’t they? " :D:D

I had to have another look
That cross-eyed one about 2/3 of the way down :laugh:

Lol … love the blonde yellow spaghetti look :smiley:

SUPERB! laughed me tits off:P:P