How to train a Dragon movie trailer

**And does this character remind you of anyone…Roadrunner pmsl :smiley: **



Thanks Sam!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Nathan, there is a very strong likeness, is it your granny?

In the film “Gobber the belch” actually sounds like Nathan as well:P

HA HA HA HA thats such a likeness! Nate u need a Viking hat and long blonde hair now :wink:

Errrrrr i actually no were to get one of those helmets lol…:w00t::smiley:

thats brilliant!! :smiley:

Hope you’re getting royalities Nath

Cant we make one?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just seen the advert! That’s is just to funny mate.

Are you going to the London Première?


separated at birth!!:smiley:

I got to take the kids to see it next week during thier hols:D Alix has been going on about it for ages! she’s actually the one that noticed the likeness of nathan to gobber the belch lol:D

Ha ha ha ha thats soooo funny!!!:smiley:

Cheers peeps! :stuck_out_tongue: Sadly I’m not getting royalties for my appearance! :wink:

The advert was on for it in 3D before Alice in Wonderland … does look very cool :cool:

Went to see this flic tonight in 3D…
it was brilliant:D even better we watched it in the evolution room sprawled on a sofa so cool…
Go see it you’ll love it;)

hahahahahahhaa, knew i recognized him when my ahem kids made me sit through the movie…

Nightfury the dragon, is the spitting image of my blade at the front :D:D:D

i wana watch this movie now :smiley: