how to straighten handlebars

Morning all just a quick one. I came off my scooter last night and now my handlebars and front wheel are off.

Does any one know how to get these back in line? or am i going to have to take it to a shop to do this?

im not very technical in this sort of thing

Depends what has bent and how. Pictures would help. If you’ve bent anything, my recommendation would be to replace it - you should be able to get parts second hand, although, depending on model, good luck finding scooters in a breakers that haven’t been front ended.

nothing looks bent, just got to get the wheel back in-line as thats is faces more to the left now when the handlebars are stright

Slacken off the nuts on the fork clamps .If your careful you can do it just enough so they allow you to twist em back without the forks sliding through . Stand infront of bike …Put wheel between legs , grab bars jigily wiggle till straight and do the nuts back up .