How to stop YouTube sucking

I found this somewhere on blog (link)

If you have Mac you need to do (copied from my FB status update):
Open Terminal, sudo su -
ipfw add 1001 deny ip from to me
ipfw add 1002 deny ip from to me
ipfw list (to check status)


Does it block ads? If so, please don’t… I make some reasonable £££ from YouTube ads :slight_smile:

O yes, I forgot to put that one which removing ads from before video, as you remind me I try to find it :stuck_out_tongue:


ps. so everyone have to watch shampoo ad for your convenience?

If I do this will you be able to see me on my webcam? :w00t:

If you wish to benefit my videos at your convenience, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

O God no, but if you missing something I can google to find few sites when you can put an advert and someone will look :stuck_out_tongue: